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Guided Music

Music makes the World go Round! And I work with it Day in Day Out and it has been my Life for Years, maybe since Birth! I am always listening to music and it features heavily in my healing work also. I am am a Music lover/vocalist/producer, and work with Samples, Voices of Others and my own to blend what I call Guided Music. Inspirational people that I have sampled and used in music tracks, blending my Energies with them to Create something Fresh. The Tracks below are of my own making with beautiful vocals from Inspirational Speakers: 

Transforming Your Life - Wayne Dyer (Essence Dance Mix) 

TECH TALK : I sampled Wayne Dyers meditation that I have used and listened to many times to make the base Vocal of this track. The Beat is Dance Paced and I hope is packed with the excitement I feel on my journey. I used my Vocal from an older track - Dust In the Sunlight. I made this track in Acid and exported it into Nuendo for the final mixdown. I hope you feel the excitement of the mix!

                                                   Transforming Your Life - Wayne Dyer Featuring Essence:

Transforming Your Life - Wayne Dyer Feat Essence - Essence4Music
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