Intuitive Guidance Coaching

* Are you stuck in a rut wanting to move forward but unsure how?

* Are you looking for Guidance along the path of your Spiritual Journey?

* Have you awakened but are unsure of what to do next on the Pathway?

* Would you like unbiased and totally confidential advice to offer potential solutions to your problems?

* Do you need a caring, non - judgmental Ear to Hear your problems and offer support?

* Do you lack motivation and direction in life?

* Do you crave to change yourself and your life but do not do anything about it? 

* Would you like to connect with your Higher self for permanent Positive Change?

If you answered yes to these questions then maybe Intuitive Guidance Coaching is for you!!

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Intuitive Guidance coaching has the ability to transform lives. It can help people identify and break through the barriers that keep them small while improving their relationships, careers and finances. Coaching can be the catalyst for incredible growth and forward movement for anyone willing to put in the work. If you come to me for Intuitive Guidance I will respect that this is YOUR journey and YOUR work to do.....I will not be doing the work for you, but I will guide you to find inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting you on your journey to finding your own sense of wholeness.


I will help you find your higher purpose and to lead the life you were meant to live. Listed below are the Modules that you can either purchase individually or as 3/6 month course! You get to chose what Modules you wish for your Course as opposed to many courses that make you tailor to a set schedule! This is Pick and Mix Style so that you get to chose what is right for you :) 

 Modules available to you to chose from:

1. How to Manifest Money

2. How to Manifest Love

3. Empath Course ( 5 separate modules to master being an Empath)

4. Developing your Psychic Gifts

5. The Chakra System

6. All about Auras

7. The Divine Feminine

8. Connecting to your Higher Self

9. Forgiving Yourself

10. Healing Childhood Trauma

11. Releasing the Pain of the Past

12. Unlocking Blockages

13. Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships

14. Crystal Healing

15. Reiki and how to Heal with Reiki Healing

Religious Beliefs - People often wonder if they need to be religious to work with me. The answer is no. Unlike religion, spirituality does not come with a set of codes or doctrines, and embraces ALL faiths. It is all about the connection to something Higher than ourselves. By remembering and honoring that connection, people can cultivate feelings of love, compassion and awareness towards themselves and others. I will always respect your personal religious beliefs should you choose one Faith, but please understand that I love and embrace all Faiths as I believe that we ultimately all have the same goals to become better and to be Love. 

Special Areas - I specialise in overcoming  Childhood sexual, mental and physical abuse and also overcoming Narcissistic Relationships, so if you are moving forward from these Traumas you may find my services particularly beneficial. As an Intuitive Empath I also focus on helping other Empaths to protect and utilise your gifts and to ultimately become empowered by this gift. And as I am a Reiki Master, I also have a great interest in helping others unlock their spiritual gifts. 

Services Available:

2 week Trail - This service is to for you to trail run my services before you decide to invest further! This package includes:

* 2 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework 

* 1 Oracle Card Reading (up to 4 questions)

* Limited Email support

INVESTMENT - £55.55 

3 Months "Embrace My Life" Course - This course is for those that are dedicated to Embracing their Life and making solid, permanent changes! This package includes:

* Distance Reiki Healing (1 session in total)

* 6 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (2 per month)

* 3 Oracle Card Readings (I per month)

* Unlimited Email Support

INVESTMENT - £ 333.33

6 Months "All In New Me Full Support" Course - This course is for those that are getting over the bigger issues in life such as Childhood Sexual/Physical/Mental Abuse or Narcissist Parents/Relationships! This package includes:

* Distance (1 session per month) or Hands On Reiki Healing (2 sessions if you are local or willing to travel)

* 12 Modules of Coaching (of your choice) Plus Coursework (2 per month)

* 3 Oracle Card Readings (1 every 2 months)

* 3 Guided Meditation videos tailored to you (1 every 2 months)

* Unlimited Email Support

* A written or video assessment (your choice) on far how you have come at the end of the 6 months

INVESTMENT - £ 555.55

Empath 5 week 5 Modules Course - This course is for my lovely Empaths and it focuses on 5 important aspects that you may well want to Master as an Empath so that you see this psychic sense as a Gift and not a Curse! This package includes:

* 5 Modules of Coaching Plus Coursework - 1 Module per week

  1. How to work out what your own "Energy Baseline" is and what energy is coming from External "Forces and Sources".

  2. How to have Strong Energetic Boundaries as an Empath.

  3. How to Block unwanted Energy as an Empath

  4. How to remove Negative Energy as an Empath

  5. How to charge yourself back up with Positive Energy as an Empath

* Unlimited Email Support

 INVESTMENT - £ 111.11

Buy One Module - You can just buy One Module if you wish, rather than commit to a full course! If you choose to buy just one module, then you purchase the Course only and the Coursework, which you should send back to me for assessment. You also have unlimited email contact access to me throughout the Course, which will take you a week to complete. Please note you do not get any readings, or phone calls and extra guidance with this option. 

 INVESTMENT - £ 28.88



" I am here to help you achieve the Life you Desire! To Break away from the challenges you may have faced and to turn your Pain into your Gain! As a Reiki Master, I focus on transmuting negative energy into positive energy and as an Intuitive Empath I instinctively know how to help you in the best way I can! I may trigger you at points and that is a GOOD thing and will serve as pointers as to what needs to be worked on! I am not here to Baby you and YOU will have to put alot of hard work into YOUR journey forwards. There would be very little point in you paying for someone else to do the work for you, and it would not benefit you in the slightest if I did that! This is YOUR journey and I am here to guide you only!  Why not give the 2 week trail a go before committing to the full course, as I expect you to be dedicated to your personal progress. I will be tough on you, yet also shower you with understanding and encouragement simultaneously! I take the Tough Love approach...are you ready to hear some Truths and work hard on yourself? Then I look forward to hearing from you! "  Lisa