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13 top tips to stop Night Terrors and Psychic Attack!

We all suffer from Poor Sleep at times and know how debilitating it can be. Those with PTSD or Stress, or even people with every day worries and Illnesses find that at night all our negative thoughts, internal and external can manifest and bring misery each night. Being an Empath can mean some sleepless, uncomfortable nights that is for sure. Being attuned to Reiki also opens up many doors that at night, or at times of rest, can literally be too much to deal with sometimes.

No sleep means a weakened state of mind during the day and lower defenses to Negative Energy or deliberate Psychic Attack in general. It then seems to spiral and being tired, drained and ungrounded happens all too soon! Before you know it you are trudging around feeling generally off kilter. If you can get on top of getting a deep, peaceful, healing nights sleep, the world is a far brighter place and you are able to shine your Light on others as you should be doing. I almost feel that the darker hours are the vessel for dark forces and it’s when they will try to crush your bright Light by wreaking your night with bad dreams, feelings of dark forces in your room, movement out of the corner of your eye, unwanted thoughts and fear, touching sensations, audio disturbances or even worse full on sleep paralysis.

Before I give you spiritual tips, it is safe to say that having an uncluttered clean bedroom is the first starting point. Most of you probably have that sorted already, but I had to mention it just in case. It makes a huge difference to clear out all clutter and please do not store all those never used unloved items under your bed! It really gives off funky energy. Have a clear out and organise your room with relaxation and peace in mind. Add living plants and flowers, wood elements and ornamental water feature maybe to lift the air quality and energy. Aloe Vera is particularly good at improving air quality, and a Himalayan Salt candle holder will eliminate negative ions in the atmosphere!

Now your room is cleansed and energetically fully functioning, here are my 13 top tips to stop Night Terrors and Psychic Attack:

1. No Blue Light, but not total darkness. A safe candle such as a led one or childrens light plug in are best, but be sure to get a nice warm yellow or golden glow with no blue light. Try to disperse the darkness by spreading a few around the room in the darkest corners, just enough to give a gentle glow in the room – you obviously don’t want your room to be lit up like a Christmas tree! You can even add little corner shelves with protective crystals and a little night light on. I have this Heart over my bed head to keep the Light over my Crown Chakra while I sleep!

2. Place a Bowl of sea/Himalyan salt water under the bed. Take a clean bowl, add a small handful of salt and top the bowl up with water. I like to use water from a near by fresh spring, but tap will be fine or mineral water. Change every week or so or until the water has evaporated, then throw the used salt down the toilet or outside drain. Clean the bowl out rand use fresh salt and water, then return it to under your bed.

3. Be considerate of Electrical and Chi Flow. Try to make sure your bed head isn’t directly over an electric socket, maybe consider sleeping with your feet that end if you don’t have space to move the bed away from the socket. Maybe also look into some simple Feng Shui arrangements that may suit your room for example you don’t want any mirrors to face your bed. Consider a cover for mirrors if you can’t move them, they are considered doorways to spirit.

4. Ground and Clear before bedtime and upon waking. Use Tai Chi and Chi Gong to ground and clear away negative energy before you sleep, especially important if you are an Empath or Healer. If you don’t understand what Grounding and Clearing is please read this article here! This video on Youtube is a great simple and quick way of shifting off negative energy!

5. No Mobile phone or wifi on in your room or the house if possible. The EMF will keep you awake let alone the blue screen and the noise alert and the nagging poison to keep reaching for it. Turn them off as often as you can but definitely at night. Get an alarm clock and stop using the phone to tell you the time in the night. The chances are you will have a message or notification you will check and then thoughts generated from that will be then going round your mind. Switch it off, so you can switch off!

6. Grounding crystals under your bed. Create a simple Crystal Grid on the floor under the bed with your favourite Grounding Crystals such as Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz or Garnet. Simply placing one stone on each four corners of the bed is just as efficient as a grid if you rather keep it simple.

7. Grounding Crystals inside your bed. Place tumbled smooth Black Tourmaline crystals at the base of the bed under the covers or tied to the bed in a Crystal Pouch.

8. Use Sacred Symbols. Circle around your bed with sage or Palo Santo wood or both if you wish. Then write the symbols of your choice in the air over the bed area. I choose the Pagan Wicca star and also the Reiki Power Symbol, but go with whatever you are drawn to do....

9. Use Incense to Cleanse negative Energy. Sage/Holy Palo Santo wood the whole room and yourself each evening. Fan the smoke around your aura, above your head and around your body with a feather of your choice. Sit down and cleanse the bottom of your feet and also the palms of your hands.

10. Use Protective Oils. Just before sleep put my protective oils, in particular Earth Essence over your third eye and crown chakra. Even if you forget to do this and wake up with a bad dream - reach for the oil, put some over your Third eye and go back to sleep. I promise you will sleep like a baby after! Try it and see!

11. Have Salt Baths. Have a salt bath as and when to cleanse funky energy and use white quartz crystals in the bath to cleanse yourself.

12. Set your Intention for a Peaceful Nights Sleep. Say out loud a prayer of Intention such as “ I am thankful for a peaceful day and I wish for a Peaceful night with deep healing sleep. Thankyou”.

13. Set your Intention for a Peaceful Day upon Waking. Upon waking again say out loud a prayer of Intention “ I am thankful for a Peaceful nights sleep. I wish for a Peaceful day. Thankyou”.

So there you have it, 13 of my best tried and tested ways to get a better nights sleep and ward off Funky energy! I don't do these things every single night, but more stagger them as and when I need them. In time you will get to know what will benefit you and when and please email me if you find other methods that work! I am always interested to hear others methods and improve sleep for healing and dream purposes!

Have a Great Nights Sleep! Lisa x

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