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Daily Energy Forcasts from Michele Elizabeth

Those of you who are Empathic or finding that you are more and more open to taking on other peoples energy may find this almost daily energy report very helpful! Those that know me would say I never blow smoke and I literally have a hard time liking people who kiss arse to move forward in life, so please know this is a genuine recommendation from my heart despite me loosely knowing Michele.

I first noticed Michele some years ago now. I had a top floor flat in a an old Victorian Seaside building. I was managing the Watersports business across the road and Michele was running her own business selling balloons and doing events! One of the first things I noticed is that physically Michele is very similar to a long term and beautiful friend of mine named Sonia – they both have a lovely mane of long brown hair and attractive features as well as being slim and tall and have an aura of fun. But over the time I was living across from Micheles business, it was her voice that I got most familiar with!

My Victorian sash windows were always open all summer to let the seaside sun and air pour in, and even though I was on the top floor, loud laughter and lively chatter would always fill my front room! I’d look out the window to find the source of what was making me smile from my room, and sure enough there was Michele busily loading up her van with more orders, smiling broadly, chatting/getting cat called by workmen with the people in cars waiting outside on red traffic lights or even sitting in the sun outside her shop with her staff having a laugh! Micheles loud and constant laughing and joking in the most sincere and full of bright light way imaginable would just make anyone around her feel the same. This wasn’t just one day – this was EVERY day! I was sad when Michele developed an allergy and could no longer run her beloved business forcing her to change direction and leave the shop. The shop was filled by another business and all the smiles, heckling and raucous laughter were gone, and it was years before I bumped into Michelle again on my what was my new favourite beach after moving.

I was then right at the start of my journey and Michele bounded up the beach with her dogs in a bright orange boiler suit with of course her signature smile and full on energy! We got chatting about all things spiritual and it was immediately clear to me that Michelle has a massive handle on all that is going on energy wise worldwide! Michele never even mentioned her website to me, but a few weeks later I saw the Enlightenment project on Facebook and started to follow her daily energy reports.

I would read the reports a day or so after they were written to test the accuracy as such. I’m never a blind believer and I didn’t want to be influenced by reading them at the start of the day. I was blown away by her accuracy. Michele used specific key words that I had been feeling or thinking, or she would accurately report that it was a bad night for sleep and that we probably didn’t sleep well, or that the moons energy is strong and causing agitation and arguments. I was able to correlate my previous days energetic vibes to what Michele had written and it was extremely accurate! It gave me confirmation that I am subject to these feelings as an Empath and that another being had felt exactly the same global energy and written it down for all to see and be helped! Michele has a very straight forward no BS approach and her blog and energy reports are an invaluable tool to me so I thought I would share it with you....

See for yourself! I personally like her wordpress site and I’m not a fan of signing into Facebook as often as fb would like me to. To go to her wordpress site check here:

Or The Enlightenment Project here:

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