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Animal Reiki - Such a Pure Connection!

When Reiki is given to another person, it can be subjected to all kinds of questions and be seen as a Placebo effect or Rationed in some way, by those who haven't experienced it and even by some who have. But, when Reiki is given to an Animal is so much easier for us to see what actually happens during Reiki! Animals can not fake Deep Relaxation and Healing Responses, they do not understand Placebo Effects - they simply live in the moment and show us that the Reiki is flowing and that they feel at Peace. Watch these Videos to see Reiki at work in Animals to understand that there is no Placebo Effect and that there is a Real and Tangible transference of Energy through the Healer into the recipient be that animal or human!

These 2 videos are by Sarah Stewart from SJ'S Equine and they demonstrate how Reiki Energy flows and promotes deep relaxation into the recipient.....

Another very beautiful connection and video is from the Earthfire Institute and shows us Apricot the Wolf receiving Reiki/Universal Lifeforce and Energy to overcome Neurological problems. Please do check out the Earthfire Institute if you are interested in conservation and proactive approaches to Earth Healing.The benefits of healing are there for any Animal who wishes for it and any Humans also - you just have to trust and be open....

I hope you enjoyed these Videos, there are many more online and I do feel like watching them shows real responses to healing and can help us as we observe and learn from our Animal Friends that have so much to teach us!

Please contact me if you wish for your Animal Friend to have Healing:

Namaha, Lisa X

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