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Tree Meditation for Releasing Negativity

Here is s simple meditation that can be done very quickly and as often as you need to, to release negative emotions. Especially nice to do outside and if you can, sit with your back against your favourite tree with your spine pressed comfortably touching the trunk and your feet amongst the top of the tree roots as they plunge into Mother Earth ....

  • Lay down or sit up, but find a comfortable position in which you can relax.

  • Close your Eyes and take a few very deep breaths in through your nose and then sigh out through your mouth. Really inhale deeply and then sigh out as deeply as you can expelling all the air from deep within your belly area.

  • When you are ready and settled visualise yourself as a Tree standing in a beautiful surrounding of your choice. It can be any where you love being, somewhere you feel comfortable and safe in, inside or outside.

  • Imagine your Arms are the branches reaching high up into the sky, right up into the lush blue skies and even beyond into the Sun, and then up into the Universe. Draw in Universal Love and Bright Golden White Light with each breath in!

  • Now imagine your body is the Trunk of the Tree and your feet are now deeply rooted into Mother Earth. Your Roots deeply descend right into the Core of Mother Earth, right into the Red, Molten Lava. As you exhale your breath imagine all your worries, tensions, negativities, pains and anything you wish to release are exiting out through your feet and roots are shooting off into the Red Lava! Release all negativity deep into the Lava and imagine the exhale breath as a dark colour of your choice such as deep red or black!

  • Do this for long as you need to release, do not set a time limit on it. It takes as long as it takes and allow yourself the time to release your negativity.

I hope your enjoy your Tree Meditations! Namaha, Lisa X

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