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Neil Hague - Spirit Guided Visionary Artwork

Neil Hague - "Spirit Guided Visionary Artwork" is my take on his beautiful artworks, you may find another meaning, but for me these are Spirit Guided Artworks from a UK based Artist :)

Complex lines, Universal Messages and Spirit Animals (especially The Lion) combined to make such Perfect works of Art! For me, personally, the Art speaks volumes and the Complexities of many of his pieces are so Vibrant with Meaning and Colour that they Reach Out to You as you look at them - You ask Questions and want to know more about the Meaning behind them! Isn't that what True Art is supposed to do?

If you watch this 3 part video Neil explains his Paintings and the Reasons and Meanings behind them! Quite Fascinating explanations for his Style and why he Paints them - in Depth explanations behind the Reasons for his Works....Personally I connected to alot of what he was saying and this is why I am sharing this post I guess! That and the fact his Artwork is Refreshing to me and maybe to you?

You can see his work directly on his website

Below are a just 4 of his Artworks that I connect to - all four pieces represent Connection and of course the Crown Chakra is Strongly represented - the Pathway between this world and the Others! Neil presents this so Deeply in these Images, things that can be seen in Meditation through the third eye Drawn in such reality and Detail! Shared ....

Phantom Self - Neil Hague :

Phantom Self Neil Hague

White Lion Consciousness - Neil Hague :

The Anthropos Divine Human - Neil Hague :

Christ Lion - Neil Hague :

I hope you enjoy his Art as much as I do :) I have many Journal entries and rough artworks that connect with his experiences. I wish I had this ability to draw in such amazing detail and artsy connection as he does! Very Skilled :)

Meditate and Create - why Not?

Namaha, Lisa X

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