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Solar Eclipse in Cancer, 12 13th July 2018 - 1st of 3 that will push and pull emotions.

We are experiencing alot of Energetic changes at the moment so keeping grounded can be very difficult. We have 3 Solar Eclipses over the next few months and alot of astrological/spiritual events that will push and pull our emotions, highlighting very strongly what we need to change for our higher good within ourselves.

There will be alot of general anger/irritation around as Mars is closer than ever over these events so just a heads up to be aware things may be turbulent as we are all shown what we need to change whether we asked for it or not! A mirror to our faces showing us our bad traits, habits that need breaking, patterns that need shaking up, the things we constantly put off doing that need addressing, the people that are not for our highest good that we allow into our lives and so on. True healing starts with facing your true fears, willing to unravel all the mental layers you have built up during your life, and now is the perfect time to face them!

Do not be put off, we need these events to show us in detail, in our faces so we can act! Observe everything that comes up right now for you to deal with - Journalling is a Great Idea right now.

Clearing and Grounding/Staying Centered is SUPER important at this time over the next few months. I've had difficulty staying grounded myself lately and constantly working on ourselves for those who are on a spiritual journey is as important as ever - or more so even! Unless you want to sit with a Tin Foil Hat on for the next few months, I suggest you go with the flow and process and work with all that comes up for you for your higher good :)

If you are interested in the Astrological events that are happening right now this video from Pam Gregory is a very indepth explanation :

If you are interested in the Energies around right now on the Spiritual side then Victor Oddo sums it up nicely here :

So, enjoy the next few transformation months. It's going to be a Roller Coaster :)

Namaha, Lisa x

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