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Harvest Moon - Full Moon in Aries- Big, Beautiful and Orange (24-25th September 2018)

Well this year has been a amazing one for transformation and this Full Moon is no exception!!

It feels like the Energy of this Full Moon has been with us for much longer than a usual Full Moon and indeed she is holding her Full Moon shape so defiantly as if she never wants to wane or wax again lol!! Personally I am finding this Full Moon to have amazing and calming energy, but this may not be so for all of us!

All the celestial events this year are driven to highlight the things within us that need to change, and that isn't a comfortable ride for most! However, if you have been doing the work steadily throughout the year, you can now feel some kind of closure and a sense that this cycle of self reflection is coming to end soon and a hugh sigh out or "Phew glad that's intensity is waning and wow look at the work I have done to change for the better!! " You should be feeling some kinda of achievement by now and a sense that a brand new cycle of opportunity and new beginnings is starting! The seeds you planted are now firmly taking into the soil, ready to bloom and blossom come Spring time!!

If you didn't plant any seeds, then start NOW! What do you want to have achieved by Spring next year? By March what do you wish to have changed and manifested for a better you?? Write it down in a Journal or on a piece of paper for your notice board!!You can do this and create what you want to achieve!

My favourite Energy interpreter Victor Oddo sums it up nicely here:

And the Pam Gregory explains in her usual calming tone of voice here:

So, get Planting those Seeds my lovelies, as we are nearly there for this cycle of self reflection and growth. Until the next time :D

Namaha, Lisa x

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