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20/21st January 2019 Super Wolf Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Last year there were many Eclipses and Astrological events that forced us to look at our present lives and then at our pasts and reconcile them, until we had no outstanding issues. We couldn't look in the mirror without seeing our true hidden "shadow" selves and our Past resurfaced for healing and highlighted anything that needed changing! Hopefully you took that opportunity to do the changes and start to transform your inner self and start to control your energy into a more Positive and Grounded way of life. It wasn't an easy year, so if you chose to work with all the issues that were put in your face, then I salute you .....You Are A True soldier of Light and dedicated to self improvement!! It takes so much more courage to Face Issues than Run or Bury them.....I Salute YOU.

This year in 2019, we are now offered the opportunity to truely Master any skills or mind sets we acquired in 2018. Where we may have just been mastering the smaller skills, now is time to really home in and master every aspect of your being and master control over your lower mind and to let go of the things you no longer need. To listen to that Angel on your Shoulder, your Higher Consciousness and act. To release all that no longer serves you right now in your life to make space for the new! To gain knowledge beyond what we know now, and evolve through self learning and through shared Higher Understanding.

By the 21st of January 2019, we will enter a New Year - End the Old 2018 Year and truely enter into a New Cycle. I know "Man" says the New Year begins in on Jan 1st, but the Skies are aligned for the 21st January 2019 as a New Start to 2019.......

When there is a major astrological event like this happening I always like to post my 2 favourite Ying and Yang Youtubers that have their own take on the events about to take place for us.

Pam Gregory has a more Astrological aspect on these upcoming events and is always beautifully eloquent with her messages and advice on how to maneuver through these events with more ease :

Victor Oddo is his usual excited self with his deliverance about this upcoming event, but as always speaks spot advice and delivers points that resonate :

Barbara Goldsmith shares her Unique and Interesting perspective and as always makes me smile with her lovely quirky manner :

I myself, am Going to do a Burning Fire Ceremony on the 21st Jan 2019, of all the things I have written down.... A few weeks back, I wrote 3 pages of past things/hurts/betrayals that need releasing. I will burn the papers on the 21st Jan in a Fire Ceremony and if YOU have any past hurts, irritations or traumas you wish to release then I encourage you write them down on paper and then on the 21st Jan, set alight to the memory with love in your heart. This is a No Drama activity, a simple Release of ALL That No Longer Serves You.

The 21st Jan 2019 is ALL about releasing PAST hurt with Peace in your Heart, and stepping into Mastering your world with even more Love, Integrity and Calmness/Unity .

Namaha, Lisa x

Local Type: Total Lunar Eclipse, in London

Begins: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 02:36

Maximum: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 05:12 1.20 Magnitude

Ends: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 07:48

Duration: 5 hours, 12 minutes

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