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The Positives of Childhood Trauma? Yes they DO exist!

So with that said, here are some of the things I have been grateful for and that now serve me so well in my day to day life and that I wish to work further on perfecting.

You may well have your own Positives that you can draw from your past Childhood Trauma and please get in contact should you wish to share them.

These are the Strengths I have gained due to Childhood Trauma that you may also Identify in yourself :

* Disassociation (one of the symptoms of PTSD caused by childhood Trauma) has ironically helped me to be a good Reiki Healer/Holistic Therapist. Where some other Therapists struggle to tune out and then into Etheric states of mind, I can tune out to the world around me very easily as I learnt to do this at a very young age to ease the pain of what was actually happening ( My body was there, but my Soul was elsewhere).

I can literally astral project outside of myself very easily to connect with spirit and have to work every day to be grounded even. This ultimately means I can set aside myself ( "let go of ego" as it called in the spiritual world) and allow the energy to flow, fully focus on the Reiki and you, and not what is happening around me, even if there was a full force gale happening! For some people Disassociation is a problem, but for me, in my Guided Field of work, it turns out to be a Blessing.

* Strength in times when others couldn't cope. Because I have experienced such trauma it means that very little phases me in emergency situations where others are freaking out. I can remain calm, slightly disassociate from the situation and act to help accordingly. When the normal Bumps in the Road happen they don't ever seem as bad as "back then" so you always cope better with unexpected situations, than someone who had a loving normal life.

* Understanding. I understand what mental, physical and spiritual Trauma feels like and have a natural affinity with other people. I instinctively know when someone has had inner trauma they need to release. I am not some clinical person who has only studied Trauma, I have felt, lived with and breathed it into my Essence and I can see it in others and fully understand them and their need to heal.

*Empathy. Similar to above, for my whole life people have always shared their problems with me as they instinctively know I have suffered trauma and they open up to me. For a long time this was actually a burden to me, and I didn't understand why people (strangers even every time I take my dog for a walk for example!) would walk up to me and off load deep issues in their personal life, without hardly even saying Hi first and still do to this day.

It took me a long time to figure out that they see they can trust me, as I know their pain and I empathise with them. Quite simply put, our traumas see a little piece of each other and can connect. They are drawn to me to find Empathy.

* Perception and Intuition. I can read peoples body language a mile off. It is very hard to get a lie past me, I see and feel what you feel even if you say otherwise. I learnt to read minute changes in body language as part of my survival in childhood. I see/feel people "triggering" in their minds, before they know they are even going to act! This allows me to not only see what they are thinking, but to prevent them acting upon the triggers should I wish to. I also can see a "Snake in the Grass" coming a mile off and this proves very useful in life!

* Empowerment - yes I said Empowerment. By being challenged and traumatised you have a choice to be a Victim or to be Empowered and enriched by your experiences. If you can reach a final place of end healing stages, that is forgiving your perpetrators, the Power that was stolen from you is now returned to YOU! By choosing to be healed and forgiving your past and your self for the subsequent years that follow your Trauma until you start to Heal, you are Empowered and finally you can move forwards FREE from Childhood Trauma.

* I can Dive Deep. I learnt to avoid conflict by diving deep. From that expression, I mean rather than be in stormy waters (as a Fish and Pisces sign) I can simply just dive under the water without a word, dignified and faded into the darker, deeper waters. I experienced BS in childhood and I will not play in the rough waters above that are "Petty Conflict/BS Drama". I have understood deeper pain, so I just skip BS surface drama waters when they arise, and quietly dive into the deep waiting for them to see reason on their own terms. This may seem like avoiding, but really the little dramas in life simply are not worth wasting energy on and to avoid them is a Great tactic when you are an Energy Worker.

* An Attitude of Gratitude. After dealing with so many challenges so early in your life, anything after that is plain sailing no?!! It did take a very long time and alot of hard work dealing with so many shadow aspects of myself and the past, but once you get past the hard work there is SOOO much to be grateful for!

Firstly though you have to be Grateful to YOURSELF for being here on Earth, and getting through the traumas you were subjected to. Be Proud of who you are, as I am learning to do, and stand in your own Truth and Integrity by having an Attitude of Gratitude every single day that you are here and working towards a Brighter, Lighter and more Peaceful existence.

It isn't an easy path or choice to make, but the alternative is being a Victim and YOU are a NOT a Victim, especially so if you got so far reading this blog! So have an Attitude of Gratitude to yourself and the Universe for delivering you with challenges that you are NOW overcoming by choosing to work on yourself and be healed and at Peace.

I wish you well my Friends and I hope by sharing my Soul I hope you can maybe Identify or to find some Peace from your Trauma! It isn't easy and my heart really goes out to you, but it is worth the work to find a better place, rather than keeping on reliving the past and all the past patterns you wish to stop repeating!

See your Potential, You are Capable of so Much More than you think........

Much Love,

Namaha, Lisa x

I am here via email, phone or in person to offer my support and guidance in way I can .


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