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Why Intense Doubt and Fear just before Achieving your Goal/Plan is actually A GREAT Sign that you ar

Have you ever made a plan or goal and been so sure with every fiber of your being that it is what you want to do, that it will make you happy and at peace, that it is what is best for you, that it will progress you along your journey....and then WHAM right before you are about to act on your carefully laid out plans that ARE for your best you experience INTENSE DOUBT AND FEAR that Stops you in your Tracks and even potentially makes you make the Fatal choice of not going through with your Plans?

Despite all your hard work towards the plan or goal Negative "Mind Worms" have suddenly invaded what was a Beautiful Hopeful place ,and you are now almost just frozen - not wanting to step forwards and risk it, but you also can't step backwards towards what you are moving away from.

Suddenly, where as before you have been so very positive, have made so many steps towards your plan or goal knowing will ALL your heart that you have the RIGHT decision .....and Suddenly from Left Field you are plagued with intense thoughts such as :

" This won't Work!"

" What were you thinking trying to change the normal status quo?"

" Did you really think you could pull this off!"

" You were better off as you were doing nothing!"

Negative Thoughts now cloud your once Crystal Clear Judgement.......

Maybe you have done this before, and actually allowed these Dark Fears and Doubts to ruin what could have been a great break through for you in life, all because you listened to what you believed were legitimate fears that were put there to protect you, instead of understanding that they are just a ROAD BLOCK TO YOUR PROGRESSION ....

Some people term these thoughts as "Self Sabotaging" thoughts, which in some people I am sure this is the case. But, it is also a well documented occurrence that when you are on the Spiritual Journey this "Intense Fear and Doubt" Period right before you are about to take a Major Positive Life Step forwards, is a Major Sign for you that you ARE going in the right direction and you need to PUSH THROUGH these "last minute" doubts and fears and continue with your plans or goals!

It is almost as though the "Forces of Darkness" (be that our own Shadow Self, Ego or External) have One LAST ditch effort to stop you moving forwards on your Journey towards Peace and Happiness in your Life!

If we can learn to see these intense periods of fear or doubt right before a well laid plan that IS for our Higher Good is about to be acted upon, then we can see them as a GREAT SIGN that we really ARE heading in the RIGHT direction! We can ignore them and move forwards knowing the familiar pattern of fear before change.

There are many youtube videos on this subject, but this one from Victor Oddo is a great analysis of the predicament we can face when we have worked so hard towards a certain goal or plan :

So please next time you experience these feelings right before a well laid plan or goal remember to IGNORE THEM and do what you planned to do from your heart regardless! It is a lesson I am still trying to master and not easy to trust that the last minute fears are not legitimate and are just a road block! But, the fact that I, and ALL of US are laying down BIG plans and Goals right now to better ourselves IS in itself something we should be so Proud of .......and by ignoring these "False Flag" warning signs we can bring our Dreams to Fruition so much faster!

Much love and Light on your Journey....

Namaha, Lisa x

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