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Spring has SPRUNG - March Energy & New Moon in Pisces! Mercy Retrograde in Pisces - Grab your Ti

Spring Has Sprung! The Seeds of Intention we planted way back in 2018 are NOW Coming into Fruition! They are showing signs of Life, little side shoots or Root Growth and even some Top Growth! :)

There is so much happening right now on an Energetic level and we were rolled into my sign Pisces back at the end of February, and now we will swiftly be Strapped into the Rollercoaster that will be Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces on the 5th March!

Welcome to Pisces Energy :) Expect to be emotional,in touch with your Inner Child, in touch with your Spiritual self and to be Intuitive beyond the normal! You may feel Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed, yet slightly Spaced Out or "other worldly" as you switch in and out of the 5d world several times a day and night! Not to forget the most important Pisces trait, be prepared to be FULLY in touch and at ONE with your Heart and Crown Chakras as you are pulled towards your Higher Self and that Angel that wishes and pushes you to be the best within you, and for others.

My beautiful Dog, Kuma ("Little Bear") enjoying the Spring Sunshine on our Morning walk:

This all sounds kinda easy right? Well, At the same time Mercury going Retrograde has other things in mind. In general Mercury going Retrograde on the 5th March means things going wrong with technology or contracts/travel, looking back to the past, old haunts coming back, all put here to slow us down ;) It slows us down for reasons only the Universe knows and if you wish to fight the Universe then crack on, but......

It is maybe best in Mercury Retrograde Season to not sign Contracts, make travel arrangements, make big decisions, go forth with your plans. More take this time to reflect and breathe/learn new skills/meditate/ or just enjoy the present moment.

Or if you do push forwards, double check things before you sign anything, think 3 times over any big decisions, and really make sure you enter in the right details on a website before you hit submit, that kind of thing. Mercury Retrograde has a habit of forcing us to do things twice or even three times because we "fecked up" the contract/website entry/travel plans the first 2 or 3 times we tried, so it is easier to wait until the 28th March or even the week after so the Shadow of Mercury passes to sign those contracts or make those big decisions with a clearer perspective!

If that wasn't enough, on the 6th March we have a Powerful New Moon in Pisces! Such a powerful conjunction - a to and forth push and pull with the Retrograde! A perfect confusion of New starts and wishing to push ahead and mercury in Retrograde preventing us from embracing them! Make of this time what you will because it will raise many emotions and a Push and Pull in ALL of us and the New Moon and Mercury have a Celestial Play Fight if you will.

With all that said, Now is a prefect time over the 5-7 th March to do New Moon Rituals to release the Old and manifest the New with Love in your Hearts!

If you are interested I have found this very useful. A New Moon Ritual I use is to write down all that you wish to release on a piece of paper. Be that a Person, Place, Job, and Emotion you are feeling. Write down all that you wish to let go of - it could be many things. Write it all down and then read it back to yourself until you absorb what you just wrote! Absorb the emotion of your words, cry or feel rage if you need to, but take a moment to honour what you have written and absorb how it makes you feel.

Once you have taken some time to feel emotions maybe you didn't even know you even felt about that situation, and feel ready, then it is time to set Fire to the paper. You might even find this really hard to do, and resist burning it, but once you do this Fire Ritual with Love and Good Intentions of Releasing yourself you will find more freedom I Promise!

I use a small wooden bowl I have filled with sand from the beach to burn my "releases", and I collect the Ashes of the burnt paper and all I wished to release. The ashes are important to collect as they should be purified in Water - the Ocean or Fresh Water streams. You should Collect and Scatter the ashes at sea or in Fresh water streams to now purify and solidify your Loving Intentions of Release.

All the room that you Create by LETTING GO, makes Room for New Experiences!

March is all about REBIRTH AND NEW LIFE!

If the above suggestions didn't connect with you, then maybe you might connect with other peoples interpretation of the rich mix of Energy that March has to offer us:

This what Lee Harris has to say about March Energy :

Here is what the Lovely Pam Gregory has to say on a more Leveled Astrological Level:

A HUGE Happy Birthday to all my Fellow Pisces Fishes!! So much healing happening on Higher Levels for us ALL right now as we release the blindfolds and leave the Forces of Darkness that hold us back behind for Higher, Brighter & protected Guided Grounds that we have all been working towards!

Namaha, Lisa x

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