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Amazing Full Pink Libra Moon - Good Friday 19th March 2019

Wow! Have you seen the moon at the moment? As a Pisces the Moon is my Godddess, and each Full moon I just love to see her in her full glory, but WOW last nights BEAUTIFUL Pink moon was something else! Look out at the sky tonight if you missed it somehow (lol - kinda hard to avoid the huge shining Pink ball in the sky but hey you may have !) to see her in all her Glory........

According to the Royal Museums Greenwich, the full moon reached its peak a little after noon, at 12.12pm BST, though it was not easy to see until dusk.

The Pink Moon is particularly significant because it is used to set the date for Easter, which is the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox.

In some other cultures, the Pink Moon is known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon. Native Americans named this Pink Moon after the Herb moss pink phlox, or 'wild ground' phlox, which blooms in early spring in the US and Canada.

So I always post a couple of videos from my favourite Energy readers and today is no exception so here is Victor Oddo with his take and advice on this beautiful Pink Moon:

Here is what the lovely Pam Gregory has to say about the astrology of this almost ostentatious moon!

The energy last night was quite special and like most Full Moons emotions are being pulled up the surface for cleansing. I just want to add a little side note, That at the moment emotions are running VERY high, alot of collective anger is bubbling up under the surface and random incidents of violence may well be happening over this week. Please be aware that people may go out of their way to push your buttons, cut you up on the road and then give you a wanker sign, ram their trolley into you and then glare at you like it's your fault they just rammed you....that kind of irrational behavior trying to get you to react. DO NOT REACT. Just be aware that this is the energy present at this time and stay safe people, because there is little rationality to this kind of activating behaviour. The Dark force pull in people is enhanced right now as is the Light force pull in others to combat just remember that! Life is a little Dr Strange right now and it would pay to avoid conflict like the Plague ;)

So take care my lovelies and go and do some Moon Bathing or run naked near Water under her Pink Glory - I give you full permission LOL :D

Namaha, Lisa X

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