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The Essence of Eyegazing to Connect Fully! :)

I haven't Blogged for a while and that is because I am busy on my new Youtube Channel! So here is a quick energy update for the end of May! The Energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th May was FULL ON!! All Emphasis prior to this Moon was on Release, Release, Release and seek what is for your Higher Good!! Look it DEEEEP in the eyes and Embrace those that look back DEEP into YOU! Well that Energy was so Heightened during this Moon and then Reflected back at Us to.... How have you found the last few weeks Energetically??

The message I got is to Leave anyone Far Behind that only gives half ( if that even) of themselves to you occasionally as and when they choose! Now is the time to RELEASE all those people that flip you off with excuses and do not value you enough to make time for you!

You have so many choices where real, relevant people are being upfront with you Left, Right and Center so you have Choice and Authenticity right infront of you! Now is the time to Look Deep into the Eyes on those People that do give you their time and more importantly, to SHARE your time and Love with those people that Really See You and YOU See THEM .

Stop wasting Your Precious time with those who do not return the energy you invest in them or those that only invest in you to benefit themselves and FOCUS on those who invest their energy equally with you and give you their time and love !

The 18th May was a FULL ON FULL MOON! Here is more information about the Cycle of this Moon from Victor Oddo:

Time to Leave behind those that text or mail you as and when they want an Ego Lick. Move into your Power - Make Eye Contact with those that care and wish you Love and Peace -Share your Love and Look Deep Into the Eyes of those that YOU Connect to. This Beautiful short film from the equally easy on the eye and Beautiful Arthur Moore really captures the Essence of Eyegazing :

To sum up the Full Moon on the 18th is asking us to CONNECT to our Soul Tribe and Let Go of things and people that No Longer Serve US moving forwards! BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - CONNECT to your Soul Tribe......

Namaha, Lisa x

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