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Maui Waui Festival 2019 - A Beautiful & Peaceful Suffolk Festival!

I've been to quite a few festivals in my 40 years here on Mother Earth, but this was my first time at Maui Waui Festival in Therberton, Suffolk and it really was such a Beautiful, Relaxed Festival! Family friendly with all age ranges attending it was an eclectic mix of people - I even saw a very elderly Lady with a zimmer frame enjoying herself in the Dance Area late at night at one point when D&B was playing lol! Unity, Respect and Peace were prevalent throughout the festival with people diligently stepping over you if you were sat, or moving past you with grace if they wanted to pass you.....not once was I stepped on or shoved out the way by anyone! Everyone was very respectful of others space which I was grateful for as I like to go barefoot :)

Sunrise over Maui Waui 2019 :

The relaxed and friendly way the organisers approach this festival is second to none! The site is kept extremely clean (even the portable toilets were very clean and well stocked with paper by the Sunday) and all the staff were super friendly with no intimidating security or practices! I've been to many festivals that are ruined from the start by the intensive searches, bad attitudes from security, commercialism, dirty facilities, and other problems, but Maui Waui had none of these issues AT ALL!

As a Festival Goer you were treated with Respect and instead of things being mandatory, there were signs asking you not to do things such as "Please support the Festival and buy alcohol onsite rather than bring your own in". It made you want to comply out of Good Will, rather than being forced to Comply which puts your back up! So many other festival organisers could learn from Maui Waui!

For a small festival, Maui Waui really had Great Fire Installations and the attention to detail was awesome! The organisers have obviously spent alot of time making the site very sweet to the eye prior to our arrival and this made it extra special! Maui Waui almost feels like a Mini Burning Man in the making with all the cool Metal and Fire Structures! :)

Fire Installation by the entrance:

This DJ Booth was Robotic and the arms moved and had Flame Throwers in them as well as a Flame that shot out the top! Very Sweet looking Effect at Night with all the other lights on! :

Elephant Installed Inside the Main Arena :

Metalwork Bird:

As well as Great and also Varied Bands and Dj's across several stages and genres, there were alot of Awesome Stalls and Interesting Talks or Attractions to get involved with! :)

Festival-goers throwing paint powder on each other across the circles that have been carefully made in the grass :

Bubble blowing Equipment just laid out for you to enjoy at no cost and topped up immediately without even asking for you when you run out! :

An Absolutely Beautiful Earth Goddess Roaming the Festival :

A Massive Highlight for me was Lee Scratch Perry on Sunday Night! My Friend Rainbow passed away just over 2 years ago now from Cancer and she LOVED Lee Scratch Perry and told me about him many times! So in her honour I made sure I was there for his set and Wow I had a great time! He really is Cool with a Capital C and Funny to Boot! Great music and sense of connection to the crowd! The atmosphere when he was on stage was so Grounded and Buzzing! I really enjoyed it and the Arena was packed with others really enjoying it also! :)

Lee Scratch Perry :

If you are in Suffolk next year and wanting to let your hair down in Peace, then I highly recommend Maui Waui Festival! It still holds that Beautiful Middle ground of being small yet having enough people to make an Electric yet Mellow Crowd, PLUS it has amazing organisation, a totally Buzzing Vibe and Peaceful security! :)

The Moon over Maui Waui 2019 just before Dawn :

Thankyou for Reading and Peace from Maui Waui 2019! Namaha, Lisa x :D

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