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New Super Moon in Libra! 28th September! Some Heavy Energies Up for Transmutation :)

The New Moon in Libra is a Significant Time to Transmute Negative Energy Into Positive Energy! It is also the last of Three Major Celestial Recent Events in a Row we have been experiencing lately! We had the Pisces Full Moon on the 13th September to Illuminate or Highlight what needed to be bought to the For Front, We had the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd September to bring a Harvest and Rebirth ...............and NOW on the 28th September we are in the Libra New Moon and the Energy of Justice to Seal Old Patterning and Rebirth the New with Justice!

What is the Libra New Moon asking you to do?

Libra is Balance, Libra weighs the Scales of Justice. Libra asks you to Release Long term Ancestry Patterning and to Step away from Personal Relationships that are dragging you down and away from your Calling to be in a High Vibration and be Happy!

What Ascension Symptoms or Empathic Feelings may I feel?

At this time around the 28th September you may be experiencing :

1)HeadAches. Your Crown Chakra may well feel Hot at this time as the energy is being bought into your Crown Chakra.

2)Third Eye Tension. Your Third Eye is being gifted with Information at this time so any pains behind your Eyes, top of your Brow and even your Crown may indicate your growing Awareness!

3)Tension in your Shoulders and Neck! You may well feel the Tension that is Now going on in the Collection and carry this in your Neck and Shoulders aas tight Knots!

How Can I Combat these Feelings of Negativity being Bombarded to me in the New Moon?

If you want to learn, in time you will separate out Energies and know which ones are Yours (Positive Vibes that are your own) and which ones are outside influences (The Moon phases, Collective Energies, Close Contact Energies and so on )

For the First time I am able to share a Video from myself detailing the Energies that you may be feeling now. If you like Horoscope readings or Tarot/Oracle Readings then you may enjoy my take on this energy:

If you enjoy a more Astrological Reading then please do not hesitate to check out this reading from the Beautiful Pam Gregory :

My Blog on the Moon just wouldn't be complete if I didn't include Victor Oddos' Infectious Take on the Moon :

It has been a Heavy, Transformative Time and over the next Few days it does kinda Promise to get just a Winy Bit More Intense!

So, I am wishing you Love at this Tricky Time in the Libra Full Moon! Drink lots of Water and Sleep or Rest where you can over the next few days to conserve your energies my Lovelies :)

Thankyou for Reading, Namaste, Lisa x

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