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Oracle Energy Readings - One2One & Personlised Downloadable Videos

Are you interested in your Horoscope? Are you interested in knowing about General Energies that effect and affect us? Or do you want to get some Higher Forsight into a Detailed Situation in your Life? If the answer is YES....THEN Maybe it is Time to try an Oracle Energy Reading with myself! :)

As an Intuitive Empath and Reiki Master I am combining my skills with the Beautiful Guidance of the Higher Angelic Realms to tune into YOUR Energy with the access point of the Cards. I am not a Tradition Tarot Card Reader, and I more use my Intuition to feel the energy or messages being given, and I also ask the Higher Angelic Realms to oversee and direct the reading for your HIGHEST GOOD ONLY!

I now do not do what I call "Spy Readings". I do not tune into peoples energy that have not expressly given me their permission. I know alot of other readers are happy to do "What is my Ex up to Now?" type of readings (and I was also at one point), but they are not for me anymore. I am not judging other readers that do these readings, but speaking from a prior experience when I did a short spell of TwinFlame readings, I simply didn't like the Funky Energy it returned to me and I stopped immediately. It changed my whole perception and understanding of the Energy involved in those kind of readings, and I now will only read for YOUR Self Development and HIGHEST good only.

If you would like to watch a sneaky sample of the kind of Reads I do here is one below. I provide frequent FREE uploads on my YouTube Channel, so please do Subscribe if you are interested in Energy readings:

Should be interested in booking a Reading then please take a look at THIS PAGE for more information!

Thankyou for reading, Namaha and many Universal Blessings to you x

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