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Giolì & Assia - #DiesisLive @Vulcano, Aeolian Islands [Handpan Set]

As a former Dj and Singer this Beautifully Strong Female Duo totally captivates me! If you like 90's trance/house era as I do, then please take a watch/listen! Such a smooth combination of Mixing, Singing, Live Drumming, Hang Drum and other inputs from these Ladies and also what an amazing place to do a Set! I have been blessed with DJ'ing in UK festivals and European Clubs in the past and I am so thankfull for those experiences, but nothing compares to a Volcano!!!! How amazing to perform there!!

The edge of a Volcano has such insane Energy, as Lava Rock is super Grounding and combine that with the fluid edge activity of a Volcano it must be amazing! They could not have chosen a more Energy Rich Area and Fair Play because the performance is Solid.

That aside and back to the Ladies, they play Understated and Beautiful Grooves that take me back..... These Beautiful Souls are Young, yet they have Old Souls music wise! They are so Symbiotic in their relationship and they make Solid Track choices from the better early 90's (or with that vibe in mind) mixed with their own tracks! Solid Flow state in their Mixes :) I totally enjoy watching and listening to them and I think you will also ....

Find out more about these Dynamic Divines here:

Enjoy! :) Namaha, Lisa X

As a Side Note - I have been looking for this track ID since the mid 90's and I am so thankfull you played this track in your set and it was ID'd by a fan :) Thankyou so much!This track was so instrumental in my Early years, it has such amazing memories :

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