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Challenging Times mean Positive Vibes are more Important than Ever!

So, Like Everyone else in the World right now I am trying to figure what the hell is going on and how best to handle this situation! As a collective we have NEVER seen such challenging times and we are for once quite literally ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! In Spiritual Terms this is a Collective "Dark Knight of the Soul" mixed with "Hermit Mode" and a Large Splash of Fear!

It is so hard to know what to say, or what to do even at this time and I have often shared that I am an Empath and I also share Blogs with tips that I have learnt over the years on how best to handle the ups and downs of being an Empath. If you are interested this last Blog is quite apt right now and can help you to protect your energy :

It could be so easy right now to tip over into the Collective Energy of Mass Fear, Paranoia, Legitimate Worry, Concern for our Loved Ones, Anger, Entrapment, Anxiety, Poverty from Loss of Income, OCD, Sadness, Claustrophobia, and all the other Turbulent and Negative Emotions that are coming up to the Surface right now for the Collective.

I won't lie...This is the first time as an Empath I have felt slightly overwhelmed by the Worldwide Collective Energy, and I am sure many of you feel the same way if you are on your spiritual pathway and indeed here reading this!

We are all in unprecedented times and the Energy has never felt heavier quite frankly! I am a positive person, but I also don't do BS or do sugar coating so it's time to dig deep and I do not have the answers right now, but I do have some understanding and links that I can share with you that may be helpful:

1- The last 2 days the Dark Forces have RAMPED up their attack. ( 28-30th March) Before then we had a Beautifully strong Positive Energy being sent upwards from Mother Earth to say thankyou almost for the healing she is getting right now. But now, in the last 2 days the Dark Forces are responding/retaliating almost if you like.......

If you are really being affected right now by the energies, you are likely a Light Worker, Earth Angel or Star Seed and maybe just the last 2 days you have really felt under attack - particularly at night? Waves of the Collective Energy washing over you and consuming you even, especially between the dark hours of 2-5am...... Darker Energies really are trying to pull you out of your Natural high Vibration state and into a Collective Fear/Anxiety right now.

Please know that you are NOT alone in feeling this and far from it - this has been the experience of every single Empath, Star Seed, Earth Angel and Lightworker over the last 2 days ( 28-30th March). I am so thankful for the Beautiful Empath and Star Seed Cosmic Empress who confirmed this information to the collective today (and eased my own anxiety in doing so). See her Comments section if in doubt, they are all from people different experiencing exactly just this over the last 2 days so please know you not alone and that you can pull yourself out of that darker energy and reclaim your positive energy :

2 - It is so important to STAY GROUNDED right now I really can NOT EMPHASISE this enough!!! There is so much "Interference" or "White Noise" in the Ether and constant Chaos right now that staying Grounded has never been so important. Please try to tune out of the News and even TV and Radio as is so toxic right now. So much Fear spreading, Anxiety inducing constant hounding and Anger in all of those mediums right now, that is has become SUPER Toxic to watch/listen to.

Please of course stay informed, but please try to avoid the absolute over whelming Tsunami of Negative Energy being sent our way at this time. It Lowers your Immune System and by consuming too much of this information you are basically Manifesting illness!

Go outside in your Garden Barefoot and sit down and just breathe! Use Grounding Crystals and they need Cleansing and Recharging regularly right now but will serve you well to help Ground and also Protect.

This Blog has lots of great Grounding and Protective Crystals that I am using heavily at this time and may also help you if you interested :

This Video I made in the last couple of days really is more up to date concerning the Crystals that we may use immediately, and please note we are being guided to use Red Jasper Crystal at this time as a protective measure! I have been given this information via the Oracle cards and also via spirit - and then I saw Amanda Ellis also saying the same so please know that Red Jasper is being being gifted to us at this time to help us :

3 - Try to see things from a Higher Perspective and not get Overwhelmed by Lower Vibrations! I don't claim to always be able to do this, but this is the message I keep getting over and over and keep trying to adhere to in the last few days. "See things from a Higher Perspective".

I will also share with you the image I am being shown. It isn't the most polite message/image I have ever received, lol, but this is what my Spirit Guides are showing and telling me and asking me to share.....

I am shown a Dog Shit, up can smell it, see it up close, it isn't pleasant and the more you hang around the Dog Shit the more it enters into your very Essence and makes your nose turn up and makes you short of breath.

Then you walk away from the Dog Shit and up a pathway, you are now elevated from it and yet you can still see it clearly, but no longer can you smell it and the air you fill your lungs with is so much fresher with the new distance and perspective. You are fully aware of its presence from where you are, but it no longer bothers you as much.

You now continue further up the Pathway even higher until you are literally on top of a cliff looking down on where it still is. Now you can not hardly even see the Dog Shit, it can not be smelt, certainly doesn't bother you anymore at all, and now you notice how Beautiful the Horizon is instead of being consumed by the Dog Shit that was right infront of your face a few moments ago.

Although you know that the very same Dog Shit was still in the exact same place, same time, and same reality right there as choose to walk away and upwards, and Look and Breathe from the Higher Perspective where the air was clear and your thoughts were also.......

This is the message I get and this is what I feel this is what we are being asked to do right now. Move past the troubles right infront of our face and act from a Higher perspective. Not easy I know....

I made this Reiki Distance Healing Video for all 7 Chakras should anyone find it useful. It should help to Ground you specifically and align your Chakras which is so important to do at this time. I hope this is helpful to you if you participated :

So with all that said I am wishing you all the Best of Luck and sending Positive Vibes out in these Unprecedented times!! There is no Manual on how to best deal with this and we all have to just do our best I guess.Please do Take Care and also feel free to get in touch and let me know your thoughts on this time and how you are dealing with it! Shared Knowledge is Power at this point :)

Namaha, Lisa x

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