Skype Appointments Now Available @ Sunrise2Sunset!

Changing times mean changing services and I will now be available for One to One Skype sessions! This is exciting to me as now my services can be available Worldwide! Skype sessions will now include:

- Energy Oracle Readings (20 mins - £33 40 mins - £ 44)

- Distance Reiki Healing (£30 for 1 hour)

- Sound Therapy (£30 for 1 hour)

- Guided Meditations (£30 for 1 hour)

- Chakra Balance (£30 for 1 hour)

- Need an Ear Chat (£30 for 1 hour)

- Learn how to Self Heal with Reiki (4 part course - 4 x 1 hour sessions £120)

If you are interested then please send me an email so we can exchange details and come up with a mutually convenient time for your online, live session. Payments to be made via Paypal before your session goes ahead! Thankyou.

Namaha, Lisa


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