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Fantasy Clay Journals & More from Sunrise2Sunset! Worldwide Lockdown can mean Heightened Creativ

I am not about to down play the serious side of recent Worldwide Events, but for alot of people right now the Potential Freedom that we are being presented with is causing a Burst of Creativity in many! Please DO NOT feel guilty if you are feeling Inner Peace and also Creativity in these crazy times (when many are in Turmoil). I actively encourage you to be as Creative as possible at this time, it not only Grounds you, but then in turn YOUR Positive Energy will then ripple out to ALL you connect with....

Creativity soothes the mind, and also anyone Creative knows that any tough external times often sparks the best and most inspired works that have ever been made. You can release all your Energy into your Creative Project, and to do so is the BEST MEDICINE at this time to combat Negativity I feel. Now is the Time to Delve deep into Creative Medicine!

With that said, I have been doing various Creative Projects to Ground myself at this time and I have made clay journals as presents for loved ones before, but in Lockdown I have had so much EXTRA time to expand upon ideas I had previously.......

I LOVE working with clay, it is such a Beautiful Natural Material to work with, and as you play with it, you can almost feel the Ancestral Call in your DNA of having worked with clay for many years, years before your soul even came into existence on this Earth! Sounds far fetched? Work with some clay and feel how many memories are awakened in you!

I am recording "How To" Videos if you wish to make your own versions of some of my works and they will be uploaded soon. For now I can only share some of the Journals/Wands I have made so far...

Clay/Wood/Crystal "Ancient Snake" Wand - Made from Wood, with Clay and Rose Quartz Crystal added:

Dragon Clay Journal - I love this Dragon and am looking forward to creating more with clay and metal :

Bio Mermaid Journal - My own Creation from my imagination, and My Subconscious Response to the Virus - An Evolved Mermaid surviving 2020 :

Elephant Clay Journal - 3rd Eye Wisdom from the Mighty Elephant is what I wished to capture here. We can learn sooo much from Elephants :

It IS OK to be creative RIGHT NOW, and also it is OK in these times to be POSITIVE :D Focus and Ground yourself like never before and use your creativity to do so! STAY POSITIVE :)

MORE POWER 2 YOU! Namaha, Lisa x

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