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August Oracle Love Readings Now Live! All Zodiac Signs!

August Love Oracle Readings now live for all 12 Zodiac signs plus a Tewinflame/Soulmate reading! If you enjoyed your reading please subscribe to my Channel over on Youtube or if you would like a Personal Reading please see details HERE!

Personalised Videos (up to 4 days to receive) are £22.22. They last between 20 - 30 minutes depending on how indepth the reading takes us. I don't cap it as such and it ends when the readings naturally wants to, but it normally is at least 20 minutes.

Same Day Readings cost £44.44 and you will receive them within 24 hours and they last between 20-30 mins.

Live Skype Readings cost £55.55 and last 30 mins.

♓ Pisces: LOVE - Romantic & Trustworthy Love BUT there's a Storm Warning!

♒ Aquarius: Love Reading : Abundant & Honest Connection! An Equal Reflection of each other!

♈ Aries: LOVE -Divinely Guided Connection - Triumphant Success in Love!!

♑ Capricorn: LOVE - Sexual Passion & Positivity is STRONG between you two!!

♋ Cancer: LOVE - Material Harvest YET a little deceit despite alot of Love between you!!

♊ Gemini: LOVE - Balanced, Harmonious Love & Unity but Attachment issues with the Masculine!

♎ Libra: LOVE - Moved from a 3rd Party to be in Union! Passionate Connection between You!

♌ Leo: LOVE - New Beginnings within your Connection when Shadow side is dealt with!

♐ Sagittarius: LOVE - WOW!! MUST WATCH if you wanted Babies and a Ring on that Finger!!! Solid Read!

♉ Taurus: LOVE - Walking away from each other with a smile on your Faces! No more Fighting!

♍ Virgo: LOVE - Soulmate Connection! You two have a Mission to Uplift others with your knowledge!

TWINFLAME LOVE - Divine M Understands this is a Twinflame Union, Divine F wants New Beginnings!!

I hope you enjoy your reading! Namaha, Lisa x

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