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Christmas Sale on Personal 48 Hour Oracle Readings!

It's Christmas!!!! :) So I am offering a discount on 48 hour Personal Oracle Readings! 48 Hour readings are normally £22.22 but until the 1st January 2021 they are at the reduced sale price of £18.88! Only 25 slots available so please email me before you pay! Please send 4 questions only per reading, and a recent photograph will also help me connect with your energy (although not essential if you would rather not send).

Please note this offer does not apply to Same Day Readings :

Same Day Readings cost £44.44 and you will receive them within 24 hours and they last between 30-40 mins.

Further information about other readings:

Please feel free to subscribe to my Channel over on Youtube or if you would like to purchase a Personal Reading please see details HERE! PLEASE NOTE Personal Readings now only take 2 days to receive instead of 4!!

I look forward to hearing from you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS MY LOVELIES! Namaha, Lisa :)

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