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NEW: Empath Mastership 5 Step Programme! 5 week Online Course for Empaths

* Are you an Empath with weak boundaries?

* Are you looking for Guidance on how to manage your energy as an Empath?

* Have you awakened to the fact you are Empathic but unsure of how to deal with an overload of emotions?

* Do you have problems identifying what is your own energy and what is the energy of others?

* Do you need Guidance as to how to remove negative energy as an Empath?

* Do you seek to understand how to block unwanted energy as an Empath?

* Would you like to know how to charge yourself with positive energy as an Empath?

If you answered yes to these questions then maybe the Empath Mastership 5 Step Programme is for you!!

Being an Empath is a Gift and a Blessing, and your healing energy can touch so many lives, but it can also feel like a Curse if you do not learn to Master your own Energy! The five key points we cover in this intense 5 week course will leave you feeling much more able to live with your life as an Empath, and indeed to thrive in the understanding that you can Master your own Energy and Heal others simultaneously!

What will we be covering in the 5 week course?

  1. How to work out what your own "Energy Baseline" is and what energy is coming from External "Forces and Sources".

  2. How to have Strong Energetic Boundaries as an Empath.

  3. How to Block unwanted Energy as an Empath

  4. How to remove Negative Energy as an Empath

  5. How to charge yourself back up with Positive Energy as an Empath

Each week we will cover the subjects mentioned and you will receive a written module for each section. You will also be given Coursework to complete over the week for you to return to me at the end of week for assessment. I will be there to offer unlimited email support throughout and to assist you with any understanding or questions you may have. At the end of the course I will asses your overall progress. For this course you will receive:

- 5 week online course with 1 module studied a week and "homework" coursework to complete and return

- Unlimited Email Support

- End of Course Assessment

INVESTMENT : £111.11

(Please note this is an introduction offer price valid until 30th April and after that the course will be priced at £133.33)

Also just to remind you there is a small offer on the following courses which is valid until 30th April 2021:

- Intuitive Guidance Coaching Course - 2 week trail from £55.55 to £50

- Intuitive Guidance Coaching Course - 3 months Embrace my Life Course from £333.33 to £303.33

Please contact me to book your place on the Intuitive Guidance Coaching Courses! Limited slots available so be quick if you do not want to wait!

For more information on the courses please visit the web page below:

I look forward to working with you my Huge Hearted Empaths! Namaha, Lisa.


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