October 2021 - Stay in the LIGHT!! Next few months will be Dark....

Well, the last few weeks I have been into some DARK Rabbit holes after being gifted with downloads about the next Phase. It is my "job" to go down these dark rabbit holes to garner information and to retrieve Light Warriors. San Tarot once likened it to the fact I survived a burning building but then I keep going back in to get others out, time and time again. This quite aptly describes my journey :)

Remember with the readings on Youtube, we were being asked to release comfty old slippers. We were asked to get out of our comfort zones and this was for a very good reason. We were also told it was a waiting space and the call to action would happen shortly and to rest and develop as much our skills as we can in that short time. This was to prepare us for the next phase which I had zero information about until the last few weeks (why I haven't done readings as I needed space to digest this one!!).

Much has been illuminated to me in the last few weeks with information for the next Phase. I am still very unsure about how to handle the information I have received. I also need to collate this information in a cohesive way which I am struggling to do. I also have to have strong FAITH that this information is correct and to have the strength to share it. This information is very dark, and I don't know If I am ready , let alone if some of you are ready to hear this. I don't want to scare people, and I also wish to remain completely authentic as always to you. I am also well aware that this information may alienate some of you that are not ready. You, my lovelies, know that if you follow my channel that I do not sensationalise, I don't use click bait titles and I also have never monotised my channel so I have zero reason to mislead and try to use this information for views. Know that I will deliver this information to you this week and that some softer parts of this information will be on my channel and for others I will create a video to share with you SHOULD you wish to seek this FULL information.

What I am not about to do is blurt it all out to put fear into anyone who isn't prepared or strong enough to deal with it as that would not be of any help to you. What I will say here for all to see and disregard should you wish to (the things I am listing below are listed for spiritual reasons also and not practical - I will explain that more in depth later):

- you may want to consider not celebrating Halloween this year. Not dressing up as pretend devils, zombies and so on. This year in particular has a different significance to others and this date will be very significant for the forces of Darkness to ensure Phase 2 happens. You may want to instead light up your homes brightly and spend this day in prayer or protecting your energy.

- do not be afraid of the next few months no matter how things go. Stay in the Light ALWAYS - buy candles, oil lamps, dynamo torches, omni directional torches, glo sticks, flares, any sources of LIGHT that you can and make sure they do not rely on Battery or electric power sources. This Light source needs to be a warm yellow, or orange glow and not that flourescant white/blue/purple colouration. Candle flame colour. Make sure you also have flame guards for all your sources of light so they can not be blown out.

- look up how to make heaters such as tin stoves and "redneck" ways to create heat from scratch with regular items.

- PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY again to be held in the LIGHT. Pray for your family and pray for humanity to be held in the Light. - prepare your mind and body to be as strong as you can.

- be prepared to be targeted by the Dark as YOU are a Light Warrior.

This is possibly going to be like something we have NEVER seen in our lives before and I want you guys to prepare yourselves. Please don't be scared or alarmed by this and if I am wrong then PRAISE BE !! :D Much Love to you all - STAY BLESSED, STAY IN THE LIGHT.

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