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Spring '23 - 11:11 THE NEW DAWN AWAITS US! Time to RISE from our Collective SLEEP!

This is SUCH a transformative time we are all going through! So many old books being closed for completely new ones to be Gifted to us from the Divine! It is TIME TO RISE AND SHINE my Lovelies!!

Inspirational words, vocals and video from myself. Manuscript of the words I channeled below for anyone who needs to read them :

The winter was long and harsh,

We sought shelter,

We sought Inner Peace.

We Questioned Reality, As the dark forces tried to take over OUR world.

It has been a deep hibernation,

Restoration for all of the Lightworkers.

The Fae, The Magical

and Mystical Beings of this world.

But NOW, Now is OUR time to shine!

To RISE from our collective SLEEP!

To Embrace our Earthly lessons,

To Seek Knowledge. Like Never before.

And We, We shall overcome, All,

All of the challenges, Being thrown our way.

And we will Shine! We will Shine brightly!

We will Embrace, Death and Rebirth, As The Natural Order!

Of Mother Nature

And We, We will be stronger! More High Vibrational than ever before!

Rise, Rise from your Ashes!

And Embrace the Love in Your heart!

Act upon your Passions, Give Gratitude And be Humble!



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