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VIDEO: How to Clear Negative Energy from Yourself, Your Energy Field and Your Surroundings!

This video was intended for Youtube but some of the content may be flagged up and my give my Channel unwanted attention. i have purposefully not monitised my channel (as I have no interest in doing it for the money or "fame") so I am of little value to them anyway as they can't make money from my content, and striking me off would be done in a heartbeat! Losing my videos wouldn't bother me, but losing the beautiful connections I have made and continue to make there would! So I have erred on the side of caution and uploaded here instead! I hope you find this information valuable as fight against the forces of Darkness!! STAY BLESSED AND HIGH VIBRATIONAL!

Please feel free to share this page with anyone that you may feel needs this information! Just copy the link below:

My Channel will never be promoted by Youtube as I haven't monitised it so I need all the help you beautiful people can give me to help share and spread my videos whether they be on Youtube or on this website! THANKYOU KINDLY! Also donating to my Paypal (button at the bottom of the page should you be inclined to donate) is always very well received as I have intentionally not "sold out" my channel (and never will) and I spend a great deal of time making sure you guys have all the knowledge I can share with you! I appreciate you, thankyou for watching and sharing! Namaha, Lisa :)


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