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100% Natural Balms and Waxes

Made with Love, my home made and 100% all natural Balms and waxes are specifically made to be Naturally Nurturing for your skin and hair.  These Balms and waxes have a Luxurious feel and are free of all chemicals, preservatives and additives - just containing the very best Natural Ingredients. They come in 2 options in each range - one Vegetarian Option with Beeswax and one Vegan option with Eco Soya Wax.

These Balms and Waxes have such simple Natural and Wholesome ingredients... I am so very happy with them and I think you will enjoy the feel, smell and nourishing effects of Natural products. Non Greasy, Absorbs nicely, Moisturising, Smells Great and 100% NATURAL!! You be the Judge......


Sunrise2Sunset Balms and Waxes  :

* Contain no nasty chemicals, colours, preservatives, and so on - these are AS NATURE INTENDED

* Contain a Blend of Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax (Vegetarian Option) or Eco Soya Wax ( Vegan Option) as the base ingredients.

* Are made Fresh to ORDER and have a 6 month expiration date

* Smell Beautiful and are ALL Natural Products


I make these Balms to ORDER and send them out within 24- 48 hours to you! This is to ensure you get the FRESH Product you deserve! You can use the product 6 months from Purchase date or longer....

Range so Far :

* Vegan Eco Soya Wax Cold Balm - Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree

* Vegan Eco Soya Wax Sleep Balm - Lavender, Rose, Patchouli and Jasmine

* Vegan Eco Soya Wax Zest Balm - Orange and Lemon

* Beeswax Lipbalm - Chocolate and Orange

* Beeswax Lipbalm - Orange and Lemon

* Beeswax Lipbalm - Minty Delight

* Vegan Eco Soya Wax Moustache and Beard Wax - Wood n Wisdom

* Vegan Eco Soya Wax Moustache and Beard Balm- Wood n Wisdom

* Beeswax Moustache and Beard Wax - Wood n Wisdom

* Beeswax Moustache and Beard Balm- Wood n Wisdom

To find out more detailed product information or even to purchase these Balms and Waxes please visit my Ebay shop by clicking here!

Click the photo below to see the Full version and Product close up:

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