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Terms & Conditions

Reiki/Massage Treatments:

- At the start of your session you will have a full consultation with me and I ask you to fill out a form disclosing your medical history and any current symptoms as well. I am obliged for insurance purposes mainly, but also so I am aware of any medical conditions you have.​

- Please give at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or re-book your treatment.

- I will confirm the treatment with yourself upon booking and also 24 hours in advance so we are clear the treatment will go ahead and at what time.

- I will travel free within a 24 mile radius of Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK. Any travel outside of this free radius will be covered by yourself at an agreed set rate before I travel depending on how far I need to travel. Please call or email to discuss this.

-I reserve the right to refuse treatment to any individual. For example, if the Client appears drunk or under the influence of drugs or medication. If this should happen I will not take payment for the treatment. Pre paid travel costs will however be taken.

- I will give you aftercare advice, but can not accept responsibility should you choose not to follow it. All holistic treatments encourage you to detox so it is up to you to honour that, read the aftercare advice and take care of yourself for the first 24 hours after treatment.

- It's sad I have to add this but quite clearly I need to! I do not do "Male Massage"! The only Treatments I offer are purely Holistic! As with most Female Holistic Therapists I will only treat male clients through recommendations or personal meetings.

121 Intuitive Guidance Coaching :

 - No refunds will be given should you simply change your mind half way through! Refunds will be given should you email me with a valid reason as to why you do not wish to continue with your course and like all online courses you have a 14 day "change your mind" period from the date of paying for the course. Thankyou for respecting this and please only accept these courses should you be 100%. committed to your journey. 


 - If you purchase any of the Intuitive Guidance Courses and decide you do not want to put the work in and are very late in replying or even returning work (I am talking about me waiting weeks and prompting you ) then I reserve the right to let you go so that someone who wants to put the work in can take your place. Thankyou.

- For those buying courses longer than 1 week please note that you receive each course as you complete the last course and not as a lump sum of all courses. This is to prevent people buying my courses simply for resale purposes! You have to do the work to receive the next course and we work together throughout. Do not purchase my courses if you simply wish to buy the information without sending back the coursework. Thankyou

Personal Oracle Readings : 

- Please note there may be exceptional circumstances where I can not complete your reading, such as ill health or emergency situations. In these circumstances a full refund will be given asap! REFUNDS on completed readings are NOT possible as my service has been rendered already! I only refund when I can not complete a reading due to the examples set out above OR if you decide to not go ahead with the reading BEFORE it has been recorded!


- I am sorry to have to add this but due to recent circumstances any scammers trying to state they have sent payments when they clearly haven't will be reported to Paypal and if necessary other authorities!

Clay Items/Wands/Jewelry and hand made goods:

- All UK postage is included in the prices and I do not send most of my items overseas as the postage is too much on bulky items. Email me to find out which items can be posted and I will send you a quote for overseas deliveries.

- No refunds or returns on overseas deliveries can be given. You will receive proof of postage and if the item does not arrive or is damaged then I can not refund you. You will be made aware of this prior to purchase so make the choice whether to go ahead.

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