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Sunrise2Sunset Holistic Healing Products
100% Natural Soaps

Made with Love, my home made and 100% all natural soap bars are specifically made with ingredients to promote soft, smooth and calmed skin. These soaps do not lather up as much as commercial products, but do not be alarmed – this is a good thing and as you use more and more natural products you get used to this being the new normal! These soaps also last longer than regular soaps and hold their shape well, not melting away in the dish like regular soaps

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100% Natural Healing Oils

My very own blended oils for Psychic protection and Revitalisation! I'm so proud of these oils and have been working on them for several  months now, trying them out on myself, and using them for Reiki. I call them Oils, as the base ingredient is Sweet Almond Oil - a neutral free from fragrance oil in which I put the magic ingredients in to mature and strengthen in healing! But they contain so much more than just Oil...

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Crystal Chakra Sets

7 Beautiful Crystal Gemstones for each of the 7 major Chakra Points in your Body!

Each Bag Contains different Crystals, but each will relate to your corresponding Chakras.

Each bag also contains a written description of each Crystal so you can research it for yourself a little more in the future!

Bags could contain :

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Balms & Waxes

Made with Love, my home made and 100% all natural Balms and waxes are specifically made to be Naturally Nurturing for your skin and hair.  These Balms and waxes have a Luxurious feel and are free of all chemicals, preservatives and additives - just containing the very best Natural Ingredients. They come in 2 options in each range - one Vegetarian Option with Beeswax and one Vegan option with Eco Soya Wax.

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