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Animal Reiki

The benefits to having your beloved pet enjoy Reiki can be quite huge! My own elderly Staffordshire Bull dog Murphy with Hip Displacement, was eased many times by Reiki and the Peace it can bring. Our Animal friends mean the world to us and when they near the end, or are in pain we see it in their eyes, feel their pain and anything we can do to help ease that suffering is worth it! Reiki healing works exactly the same for all Living things, be that a Human or Animal - It delivers Healing to where it is needed most. Animals pick up very quickly on the Reiki Energy and as Intelligent beings they gravitate towards it normally feeling quite at peace once they are settled with this new sensation/energy!

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Reiki may benefit your animal if:

*They have Chronic Pain daily.

*They have anxiety or obessive issues such as hatred of being left alone.

*They are in sheltered accommodation or long term veterinary care.

*They have Physical disabilities or wastage of muscle due to accidents.

*They need extra love due to poor history.

*You have just rehomed a new animal and they aren't settling in so quickly.

*They are fearful or aggressive towards humans and other animals.

Depending on the animal I will generally just sit down on the floor/ground and wait for him/her to come to me. It's always better for you, the owner/carer, to just sit down with me and help the animal relax. I will play relaxing music in the background and send out Reiki into the surrounding area as soon as I sit down to encourage the animal over. If the animal comes within touching distance then I will hands on Heal and send Reiki Healing directly into them. You will notice they may fidget or move away sometimes if the flow is unsettling them at first, but then they will relax into a deep Peaceful state as they connect to the good intention and Healing Reiki Energy. It's quite amazing to watch them become so at Peace!

Saying Goodbye to our Beloved Animals....

If your Pet is at the end of his/her life here in the physical world, I strongly believe Reiki Healing can help them to be at Peace and be ready to face departing the physical world with a happy heart when they need to go. I know Animals have souls and are capable of so much unconditional love - I try to connect with them and send the message that it is ok for them to pass on in the knowledge they will have no more pain, that they will experience Peace and that they have done such a good job of loving you their owner and that you want them to now let go and be at Peace. The relaxation alone and the bonding experience with you and I sat with them, willing them well, sending them unconditional love will create peace for them at the very least.

Animal Reiki Treatment Details

*Treatments take around an hour or longer - it can not timed exactly and animals can be tricky sometimes, but please allow between 1 and 2 hours of your time so they can fully enjoy the session with no need to rush. This time includes a consultation before to find out why your animal needs Reiki.

*Treatments take place in your own home, field, or wherever the animal is located. I am very passionate about helping animals so no location is too much trouble, please give more notice though if possible.

* Please email me or get in contact in you run an Animal Charity or Shelter - I give my Services free to you! Please get in Contact!

Please watch these beautiful healing videos from the Earthfire Institute: Wildlife Sanctuary & Retreat Center in Idaho, USA....

Equine Reiki Demonstrations 

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