Energy Oracle / Tarot Card Readings

Are you interested in getting clarification on a situation from a Higher Source? I offer personal Oracle one to one readings or downloadable Video readings.


How do You Read the Cards for Personal Readings?

I am an a Reiki Master & Intuitive Empath so I tune directly into your energy as well as asking the Higher Spiritual Angelic Realms for Guidance! I clear the energetic space with Tibetan Bells before each reading. I then tune into 4 of my Angel Guides before each reading :

Archangel Metatron - The Sacred High Vibration

Archangel Michael - The Justice and Healer

Archangel Raphael - The Healer of Hearts

Archangel Sandalphon - The Receiver and Messenger of Prays

What Cards do you Use?

I use a Variety of Oracle, Tarot and Angel Guidance Cards to open the connection. I only use "High Vibration" decks that resonate with the Higher Realms and do not use what I feel are Darker Vibrations packs. I do not use the traditional meanings of the cards sometimes and I intuitively tune into the Energy of the card and it's meaning within the context of the reading. I channel information from the Angels as the information is given to me.

Decks Used:

Energy Oracle Cards - Sandra Anne Taylor

Work your Light - Rebecca Campbell

The Psychic Tarot - John Holland

Keepers of the Light - Kyle Gray

The Starseed Oracle - Rebecca Campbell

Angel Answers Oracle Cards - Radleigh Valentine

Love Oracle Cards - Island Wellness

Earth Magic - Steven D Farmer

Angel Prayers - Kyle Gray

Angels and Ancestors - Kyle Gray

Oracle of the Mermaids - Lucy Cavendish

Transference Healing Animal Magic - Alexis Cartwright

The Goddess card Pack - Juni Parkhurst

Unicorn Cards - Dianna Cooper

Water Crystal Oracle - Dr Masaru Emoto

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins - Doreen Virtue

Money and the Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks

Angels of Light - Dianna Cooper

What information do you need from me?

I just need to know your name, your Horoscope sign and the questions you wish to ask. Please limit the questions to 4 only per reading and they can be on any topic providing it is for your highest good. A photograph will really help me to tune into energy so if you could send a recent photograph along with your questions then that would be great, but not essential!

How long does my reading take to receive?

Your reading will be with you within 2 days of payment clearing. I say 2 days so that I can do the reading when my energy is at it's highest over those 2 days -  I only honour doing a reading when my energy is at its best, as with all my Holistic Treatments. If you wish for a same day emergency reading then please book this slot! It is of course a higher price than the 2 day service, but you will get instant clarity on the situation you require!


How do I go ahead and book a Personal Reading?

Please email me before making any payments. Once you have emailed me I will email you back a confirmation and once a payment has then been sent and received your reading will be completed. Once your reading is done you will receive a link to your HD Video personal Reading that you can keep for as long as you wish!

How Long are your Readings and what do they cost?

Personalised Videos (up to 2 days to receive).They last at least 30 minutes depending on how indepth the reading takes us. I don't cap it as such and it ends when the readings naturally wants to, but it normally is at least 30 minutes and can be as long as an hour.

Same Day Readings cost £44.44 and you will receive them within 24 hours and they last between 40 - 60 mins. 

Video Readings will be uploaded to Youtube and set to private (only you will see it) so you can re-watch as many times as you like!

Email me : with your Inquiry! 


How do I pay for my Reading?

Payments can be made through:

In the event I can not complete your reading

Please note there may be exceptional circumstances where I can not complete your reading, such as ill health or emergency situations. In these circumstances a full refund will be given asap! REFUNDS on completed readings are NOT possible as my service has been rendered already! I only refund when I can not complete a reading due to the examples set out above OR if you decide to not go ahead with the reading BEFORE it has been recorded!


**** I am sorry to have to add this but due to recent circumstances any scammers trying to state they have sent payments when they clearly haven't will be reported to Paypal and if necessary other authorities!****


Fortune Telling Cards
Angel statue
Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands
Woods with Fog
In the Woods

If you would like to watch some examples of my readings you can find me on YOUTUBE HERE where I post regular FREE Readings for You as per your Birth Sign



"Working with Lisa has been a valuable experience for myself. I will always be grateful for the space she held for me, as my soul healed from some very sensitive events. I have purchased both her personal Oracle/Intuitive messages, completed three of her Courseworks and now joined her Newsletter. Her work never disappoints and she always strives to only create content that is relevant and high vibrational, a devoted soul ahead of her time! I live in the USA and have not had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in person but her correspondence is always heart-felt, personal and timely. She offers a judgment-free healing opportunity for her clients and uses her spiritual gifts to assist you on your healing and ascension journey. If you are searching for an experienced healer to help you heal and balance your mind/body/spirit, look no further, Lisa is your person!"  Jessica, USA

"My name is Richelle and I reside in USA, California. I found Lisa on YouTube and instantly felt a connection with her simply because I could feel that she is a pure soul, with the highest intentions of assisting others on their spiritual and healing paths. There is no judgement or ego with Lisa, her energy is pure divine love. I recently purchased a yearly oracle reading with her and it not only resonated with what I am currently going through, but it really helped me to see what I need to let go of in order to shift into a higher version of myself, which is what I’m constantly striving for. Her light-hearted energy and beautiful sense of humor makes it impossible not to love her. I recommend her readings to anyone that is looking for guidance on their spiritual path". Richelle, USA