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Full Body Massage
Head Massage

I offer a great range of Full Body Massages but I do not do deep tissue or sports massages. My massages are very slow and sensual as I focus on the top layers of skin and just below into surface muscles with Light and Gentle, but Deliberate Touch. I focus on combining Reiki Healing with my massages and often I will stop massaging you to give Reiki as and when called to. I offer Massages without Reiki also, so if you would rather not have Reiki then please say so, but I will add that with Reiki the Massage becomes a whole new sensation of Peace!

Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Massage

I have a Full Range of Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps from Pure Sunshine Light (approved for S.A.D Therapy) to the Red and Blue Spectrum of Light we need to Grow and Thrive on Earth, and so sorely miss here in the UK! If you suffer from S.A.D then this Massage is for you!  

Massage Treatment Details

*Treatments take an hour or longer depending on what you have booked.  This time does not include a consultation before and after your Massage treatment.

*I use Essential Oils combined with Sweet Almond Oil for the massage, please let me know if you are sensitive to any oils and I will use another!

* I will place Crystals on you sometimes and/Or use Reiki and also use Tibetan Bells and Essential Oils throughout the treatment.

*Treatments take place in your own home with all Equipment provided, as I am fully portable Holistic Therapist.

*Please look after yourself for at least 24 hours before a treatment by not drinking alcohol, eating good natural unprocessed foods, avoid taking un prescribed drugs and get a good nights rest before if possible.

*You will be given an Aftercare advice sheet - please follow it for your maximum benefit.

What Massages Do You Offer?

1 hour Full Body Massage - £40

1 hour S.A.D Light Therapy Full Body Massage - £45

1 1/2 hour Full Body Massage - £50

1 1/2 hour S.A.D Light Therapy Full Body Massage - £55

1 1/2 hour Affirmation Massage - £55 (audio stimulation of positive affirmations)

2 hour Full Body Massage - £60

** PLEASE NOTE - Massage services are for Women ONLY apart from couples massages/partners of female clients or recommended from female clients**
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