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Spiritual Mentoring

Sometimes the Spiritual journey can be a very lonely one! You might even be the only person you know who is "awake" and your friends and family may even think you are slightly "off the wall/away with the fairies"! You may come across like minded communities online, but do not have the close contact you would like to able ask questions or to be guided on a one to one basis. Maybe you just need an ear to share some of the new experiences or gifts that are coming "online" so to speak! 

I offer 121 Intuitive Guidance courses on specific subjects, but sometimes we just need someone as a shoulder to lean on and to assure us we are not going crazy or losing our way on the path. You might wish for a mentor if you:

* Do not wish to follow a specific formula (like the 121 Intuitive Guidance Courses) and would just like little snippets of digestible spiritual information and guidance as and when needed. 

* Wish to have guidance from someone who is further along the pathway than you are and has studied, lived and breathed the journey for several years (since 2015).

* Want pointers, but not to be told exactly what to do by someone who understands that everyone's path is different and we all have different needs.

* Seek an intuitive approach to your journey and to work with someone who can meet you where you are and intuitively feel your energy.

* Would like support from someone as a friend who understands the journey, and will never judge you.

* Are ready for deep life changing transformation and encouragement.

* Know you have work to do on yourself, but are unsure of how to approach it and where to start.

* Are a healer or life coach yourself and just need someone to walk with you for a while and support you, rather than you always supporting others.

* Feel isolated in the spiritual communities and can not seem to find like minded souls to share your path with.

* Feel lost or stuck on your journey, or perhaps you are procrastinating about your next moves.

A personal Spiritual Mentor can mean many things, but for me it is about offering loving support for you without judgment where ever you are on the Path! It doesn't matter to me what Faith you believe in as I have deep respect for all Faiths. If you are here though you are likely to identify as "Spiritual" and have the same respect for all Faiths. 

What you can expect and Costs

As mentioned this is unstructured support, and there is no set formula unlike the 121 Intuitive Guidance Courses! I meet you where you are at and we go from there! There is no set time to work with me, and you are not tied into any length of time. You may need mentoring one month and then feel good another month, or you may only need support for a few months and so on! You are free to come and go as you please and you pay monthly with unlimited support (within reason ) throughout that time. 

You can receive guidance from any of the spiritual courses I offer and can also be set tasks aka homework to help you get through, or maybe you just need an ear to listen to you! If I feel you will benefit from a certain course I will send it included int the monthly fee at no extra cost. This is the most flexible service I offer, and it really is up to you how much you need from me (again within reason). What do I mean "within reason" ? I mean please do not think I can be there for you many times a day, each and every day.....I have other people to mentor, administer reiki to and so on :) Also please take into consideration the time differences from your country to mine and the fact I need sleep :) I am sure you understand and will not take advantage! 

There are 2 different types of Mentoring I offer and they are:

* BASIC MENTOR SERVICE - You can email me as many times as you need a month on any subject! I will send you emails, voice messages and sometimes videos for a more personal touch depending on what I feel you need at the time. For example if I sense you are upset I will often send a voice message so you can feel my energy better than an email. 

SERVICE COST : £68.88 a month (starting from the date you purchase and running until that date the following month)

*ADVANCED MENTOR SERVICE - Same service as above but with a "What does Spirit want me to know" Personal Oracle Reading and also a Distance Reiki Healing Session.

SERVICE COST : £98.88 a month (starting from the date you purchase and running until that date the following month)


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