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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a system of Energy transference and Healing. The word Reiki translates as "Universal Lifeforce" and is a hands on or off healing depending on the area and Healer. The Universal Lifeforce is passed through the Healers Crown Chakra into their hands and then directly into the recipient and on to where it is needed most in the body, aura and spirit.

The person giving Reiki acts as a Channel for the Energy and this separates Reiki from other Healing modalities where the Healer gives their own Chi or Universal Lifeforce to the recipient. In Reiki the Healer holds no claim to the Chi/Universal Energy being given - it simply flows through them into you. The Universal Energy flows into your Chakras and Aura clearing any blockages or encouraging Healing where it is needed in you.... It is a simple transference of positive Chi/Lifeforce to you from the Universe via a Healer.

I am a Hands On Healer. As you lay on the Massage Table, with gentle music playing in the background, I will simply place my hands over your chakra points and along your body - non invasive touch and hands off in certain areas as well. It will be deeply relaxing for you as you feel the subtle energies flowing into you. Reiki Healing is Universal Love!

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Reiki can help you :

*If you need to relax, feel at Peace and unwind from your busy lifestyle

*If you are nearing the end of your life or for support of the families at this difficult time

*If you suffer from painful Chronic illness such as MS or Cancer

*If you have PTSD and have suffered with past trauma such as serving in the forces or childhood abuse

*If you are pregnant or have young children

*If you are on a Spiritual Journey and enjoying Mindfulness ready to move forward to your next chapter

*If you have a sick or dying pet (Please click here for Animal Reiki)

*If you feel depressed or low on energy, having difficulty sleeping and relaxing in general

There are many reasons why people come for Reiki Healing and each is a personal journey, kept confidential. I am here to listen to you, do my best with hands on healing and intentions to raise your energy levels, clear blockages, smooth your aura, open your chakras and ease physical pain in your body via deep relaxation and Reiki Lifeforce.

Reiki Treatment Details

*Treatments take around an hour or longer - it can not timed exactly but please allow between 1 and 2 hours of your time so you can fully enjoy the session with no need to rush. This time includes a consultation before and after your Reiki treatment.

* I will place Crystals on you and also use Tibetan Bells and Essential Oils to Bring Clarity and Protection

*Treatments take place in your own home, as I am fully portable Holistic Therapist.

*Please look after yourself for at least 24 hours before Reiki by not drinking alcohol, eating good, natural unprocessed foods, not taking un prescribed drugs and get a good nights rest before if possible.

*You will be given an Aftercare advice sheet - please follow it for your maximum benefit.



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