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Areas of Interest

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

My Journey with Reiki has been a steady and exciting one! Since the very first time I had Reiki I was fascinated, and have dedicated every day since to Honour and Evolve my Reiki Linage and Attunements! It feels very natural to me, and I easily slip into a deep trance like state as the Energy begins to flow. I am very Intuitive, Guided, and I truly hope if you decide to have Reiki with me or become attuned to Reiki by me, it will be the most deeply peaceful Journey for us....


I love to Listen, and hear you and your Journey! I am so Interested in Peoples Journeys and Life Stories that maybe you will want to talk and answer my well meaning questions, and then chat as I listen to you. It sounds such a simple thing, but today talking and being heard in real time with someone who cares is getting less and less sadly!  During Treatments when we are Silent, I am Listening to you Intuitively also ....

Indian Head Massage - Professional Diploma

I have a Professional Diploma in Indian Head Massage and take Ayurveda Health practices seriously, incorporating them into my daily lifestyle and practices. There are many benefits to this beautiful yet Natural system of Health Care and Well Being, as there are with many other Holistic Treatments. I am by no means an expert, but this one of my fields of interest that I wish to learn more about, one day travelling to India to see for myself and learn hands and eyes on I hope :)

My Approach....

My approach to you will be that of Warmth, Interest and Good Intention! I do not come from a Clinical background, just one of a Person with a Caring Interest In others wellbeing! If you wish to, I do encourage you to open up to me with whatever is troubling you - nothing is off limits or to "out there" with me. I am very Open and will embrace and respect all religions, beliefs, experiences or past traumas you have experienced without judgement. I have experienced and moved on from alot of traumatic experiences in my own childhood, and I understand moving forwards from Pain into Peace. I understand how it feels to want to move forwards in life in a positive way and I support you in any way I can be that through actual Holistic Treatments, emails, texts or phone calls! 


I hope you would always feel at ease during any treatments with myself. My approach is one of Professionalism mixed with Universal and unconditional Love for all.

I live my life by the 5 rules of Reiki that I undertook upon attunement:

*Do not worry

*Do not be angry

*Do your work honestly

*Give thanks for your many blessings

*Be kind to every living thing

Statement of Intent 2020
Sunrise2Sunset Holistic Therapy
"Promoting Peace and Overall Wellness"

Dedicated to continuing to develop professionally.

My Approach
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