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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage - the name is kind of deceptive as it is a full back, shoulder, neck, head and face massage! Deeply relaxing, fully clothed seated Massage without the use of oils. Slow and deliberate movements to release Lymphatic fluid that hold tension and toxics in the body combined with faster movements to encourage circulation and Chi flow! The practice of Indian Head Massage has been used in India for thousands of years, based on the Ayurvedic system of healing and boasts physical as well as mental health benefits. It has long been used to promote beautiful, healthy hair among Indian women for many, many years and is routine hair and scalp care, as well as the massage being beneficial as part of family bonding.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage include:

*Improved circulation to the head and scalp improving hair and scalp condition

*Knots and tension areas are broken down and worked away

*Dispersal of toxins and improvement of the Lymphatic system

*Improved Circulation and blood flow

*Relief from emotional and mental stresses and worries

*General overall body relaxation

*Great for tension Headaches , Eyestrain and loosening of the scalp/neck area

*Clears blockages in the Chakra System, aids grounding and renews energy levels

*Can be used in conjunction with Reiki , with your permission

How will I feel during and after an Indian Head Massage?

For me being sat on the Massage Chair almost feels like I imagine being in the womb would feel like! The Chair gently curves your spine outwards and your head hangs gently rested on the padded head piece whilst your feet curve under you. It sounds such a weird position to be in, but it really is so comforting and womb like I could sit in one for hours! That aside the actual Massage is deeply relaxing and you will feel serene and detached from all of your tensions and troubles.

Immediately after you may feel very blissed out and at Peace. You might even be the opposite and feel very Energised and ready to get out there! You really should take the time to bathe in those feelings as long as you can! For 24 hours after please drink lots of water, drink no alcohol, take no drugs other than prescribed medications and eat good healthy foods. Take the opportunity to relax, have a long bath, listen to music you enjoy, take a walk on the beach barefoot, dance or "whatever floats your boat" so to say to make you smile and basically enjoy "you" time with those that you love and that surround you with positive energy! Please note that some people experience de-toxing symptoms in the 24 hours that follow the treatment! Do not be alarmed, it is a great sign and means your body is now removing all the toxins that were drained from your Lymphatic glands during massage.

Indian Head Massage Treatment Details

*Treatments take around an hour or longer - please allow between 1 and a half hours of your time so you can fully enjoy the session with no need to rush. This time includes a consultation before after your Indian Head Massage treatment.

*Treatments take place in your own home, as I am fully portable Holistic Therapist.

*Please look after yourself for at least 24 hours before your Indian Head Massage by not drinking alcohol, eating good, natural unprocessed foods, not taking un prescribed drugs and get a good nights rest before if possible.

*You will be given an Aftercare advice sheet - please follow it for your maximum benefit.

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