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Chakra Balance

This treatment is completely focused on balancing your Chakras! I, along with your involvement, will balance all of your Chakras, Open any Closed ones and you will be actively involved in this session. The treatment requires you to focus on each of your Chakras as I guide you through from the Root Chakra right up to your Crown Chakra. I will be using Reiki Energy as we both focus on the separate Chakras together and visulise them Open and healthy, running at the speed you require them to be at, and removing any attachments in those areas! I will use Reiki in your Aura to seal any imbalances there at the same time.

I will use Tibetan Bells over your Chakras and also my beautiful Shaman Drum to really cleanse and activate each Chakra one by One! I encourage you to sing tones upon each Chakra also, so please do not be shy in joining in. Should you wish to remain silent you can just listen to me chanting the Seed Seed syllables tones for each Chakra, but it really is beneficial for you to join in should you feel you can.

How will I feel During and After a Chakra Balance?

Unlike Reiki alone, where you lay on the Massage Table and just relax and soak in the Energy, this treatment is more proactive and involved, so it's very Grounding and allows you to just be in the present, activating all your Chakras and drawing your awareness to them. In fact I would say it's invigorating and proactive! You can leave after the treatment and do the same Chakra treatments/practices on yourself even, and learn to hold that space of open and active Chakras for yourself, which is always my aim - to empower others to do it themselves! 


Chakra Balance Treatment Details

*Treatments take around an hour or longer - it can not timed exactly but please allow between 1 and 2 hours of your time so you can fully enjoy the session with no need to rush. This time includes a consultation before and after your Chakra Balancing treatment.

*Treatments take place in your own home, as I am fully portable Holistic Therapist.

*Please look after yourself for at least 24 hours before your treatment by not drinking alcohol, eating good, natural unprocessed foods, not taking un prescribed drugs and get a good nights rest before if possible.

*You will be given an Aftercare advice sheet - please follow it for your maximum benefit.

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