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"Working with Lisa has been a valuable experience for myself. I will always be grateful for the space she held for me, as my soul healed from some very sensitive events. I have purchased both her personal Oracle/Intuitive messages, completed three of her Courseworks and now joined her Newsletter. Her work never disappoints and she always strives to only create content that is relevant and high vibrational, a devoted soul ahead of her time! I live in the USA and have not had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in person but her correspondence is always heart-felt, personal and timely. She offers a judgment-free healing opportunity for her clients and uses her spiritual gifts to assist you on your healing and ascension journey. If you are searching for an experienced healer to help you heal and balance your mind/body/spirit, look no further, Lisa is your person!"  Jessica, USA


"My name is Richelle and I reside in USA, California. I found Lisa on YouTube and instantly felt a connection with her simply because I could feel that she is a pure soul, with the highest intentions of assisting others on their spiritual and healing paths. There is no judgement or ego with Lisa, her energy is pure divine love. I recently purchased a yearly oracle reading with her and it not only resonated with what I am currently going through, but it really helped me to see what I need to let go of in order to shift into a higher version of myself, which is what I’m constantly striving for. Her light-hearted energy and beautiful sense of humor makes it impossible not to love her. I recommend her readings to anyone that is looking for guidance on their spiritual path". Richelle, USA


"Hi my name is Peggy. I found Lisa on the internet 2 years ago in a very unique way! My Spirit guides kept telling me sunrise 2 sunset and I thought they meant I needed to meditate at sunrise and at sunset. And I kept hearing it over and over again and I wasn't  understanding what they were telling me. Then one day out of the blue a notification came on my phone for sunrise 2 sunset. That's when I understood what they were telling me so I went and watched one of her videos and has been following her ever since and I find that her readings are very accurate. With the guides that Lisa has given help me understand the path that I was on. She has helped me align my chakras. Open my heart to the universe. And has help me speak my truth.I am so grateful that I was guided to her by my spirit guides. I will always be grateful for what Lisa has done for me. She is such a beautiful soul and so in tune with the universe it totally amazes me." Peggy, USA


I" came across Lisa's YouTube channel by chance, after listening to few of her videos i decided to have a private reading with her, i was very impressed with her efficiency and prompt attention, i absolutely enjoyed her private reading, she was very on point and connected despite the fact i live in South Africa and she never met me! Lisa's readings are very enlightening and easy to understand, she is very generous with her knowledge and time, I highly recommend her readings to everyone who needs some guidance." Abby, South Africa

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"I met Lisa a couple years ago, maybe 3 or something like that. She was still reading for all signs. I felt such a connection with her that I still stuck with her even after she was only reading Gemini. Which, she says I’m an honorary Gemini. Woot woot! I have gotten a couple 2 or 3 personal readings from her and she NEVER ceases to amaze me. Always on point. I love Lisa’s readings and bigger, I trust them. I’ve never had one where I didn’t think it applied to me. I will continue to get readings from Lisa. I now consider Lisa a soul sister. " Brenda, USA. 


'Two years ago, I started listening to Lisa's YouTube channel. I really liked the positivity of her messages and the humour and realness as she was delivering them. I was at a bit of a crossroads in life, especially career wise, so I just thought that I may as well have a reading. So much of what Lisa said rang lots of bells. Interestingly, I knew what was going on but I could not  articulate it myself, but she really helped me to do this, and to understand. In so doing, she gave me so much hope for the future. Many things Lisa said came to pass e.g using my voice more (I did a lot of talks), career promotion (2 in a year). So I had another one recently and I felt totally uplifted - again with info I needed to act on e.g. prayer, but so many other things chimed with me. Lisa, you are a legend and humble with it. Keep flying!" Louise, UK 


"Hello, my name is Maria and I live in Montreal, Canada. I am new to her courses, and already know I am with a genuine heart centered soul.

My spiritual journey began early 2020, seeking truth, support and healing from abusive relationships. I immersersed in healing the emotional shadows to cope, and discovered self reflection that built communication, strength, courage and faith as an empowered empath. I continued forward as a student of spiritual knowledge, mindful psychology, science of cosmos and personal wisdom, I discovered Lisa's youtube channel and website and suggested to my daughter to take on a few of her courses, at the time she was searching for her own truth. She was not ready at the time, but knew one day it would be beneficial. My purpose was driven to break the generational patterns of abuse, heal and transform, for myself, my children and grandchildren, leaving a legacy of love. I continued with spiritual modalities using oracle and angel cards for personal growth, meditation and prayers. I finally understood on my journey, by working along with long term elderly this past year, compassion for humanity. For all ages, offering joy, guidance and support, sharing all love that grew within, raising the heartspace towards a collective and compassionate new earth.  

Lisa's work embodies The Empress, with heart and soul, giving birth to humanity. all its treasures of love, trust, abundance, creativity, compassion, actions for the greater good.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn, share and create a positive impact for myself, my family, our communities, and our future generations on Mother Earth!

Legacy of Love -  Maria " Maria, Canada 


"Well what can I say. I connected with Lisa about 2 years ago (it feels longer.) I came across Lisa's YouTube Channel Sunrise2Sunset. After some time I started one of Lisa's 6 month One-2-One Courses. Which was amazing. It gave me a better understanding of my chakras, my energy field and the importances of my vibration. In this course you learn what  chakras are, blocked/healthy chakras, how to unblock your chakras and so much more.Lisa makes it personal for you. which made me feel good. I became comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  I discovered some talent I didn't know I had. Lisa has continued to support and guide me on my life's journey. Lisa gives us the tools we need and allows us to do the work with no pressure. She is understanding and loving, I feel so blessed that she agreed to support me on my life journey. She is my angel on earth and I look forward to more growth. Love always Casmin AKA KazLovez" Casmin, UK 

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