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House/Office Space Healing Cleanse

Are you experiencing negative energy within your house or office space? Have you recently divorced or experienced trauma in your house and you want a fresh new Energetic start? Maybe you are experiencing more intrusive energy such as an entity or poltergeist activity? Then you would well benefit from a Healing Cleanse and have come to the right place!

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What happens during the House Cleanse?

Firstly, I will have a consultation with you to find out what kind of energy experiences you are having in your space. I prefer to not know where you are experiencing the energy exactly, and would rather feel my own way around your space and then work on the areas I find need Healing. I will sit down and be still for a few moments in each room to feel into the energies present.


If I find that there is work to do there I will move around the room using Reiki and I put Reiki Healing Master symbols into the room. Once I have found any trouble spots and worked on them, I will then go through each room with White Sage and Palo Santo - I prefer to burn these as I find it the most effective, but I can use oils should you prefer. If you have pets such as fish and exotic reptiles I recommend we use oils instead of smoke, and I will be very careful to exclude areas where they are living. It is also advisable that we cleanse you and myself before we leave the space. Dogs and Cats should be moved outside prior to treatment and can safely be let back in immediately after.


We will need to go outside for about half an hour with all the windows sealed so that the Sage and Palo Santo can fill the space with its' cleansing energy. We can use this time to talk about your experiences or to have a quick mediation to set a positive intention for yourself moving forward with a newly cleansed space.  

Once the Sage and Palo Santo have done their job, I will then enter each room and open the windows and say a blessing and set good intention for each space respectively!


You will find that the energy within your house has been purified ( Sage literally kills bacteria as well as negative energy) and it will feel so much lighter with less dense, negative energy! A Fresh New Energy!

How Long does a House/Space Cleanse take?

From consultation to the end it takes around 1 1/2 - 2 hours depending on the size of the space.

Please Note : 

Although you may be experiencing energy in your home, it can sometimes be perceived as an unwanted or negative/or even scary energy but is actually something quite familiar to you : ie : a loved one just trying to get your attention. If this is the case, I will let you know, but still do the cleanse to promote a healthier energy and in most cases you will find they will move on willingly/not be as active in trying to get your attention now they realise they been noted and acknowledged with Peace and Love by yourself and myself. 

My Ethos on Energy Space Cleansing:

I do my Energy Cleansing with the Up most Respect for the energies that are present and simply ask them to leave, move into the Light, heal the energy, walls and objects within the space with Reiki and send Peace and Love into the space to the past and present. It is a quiet and dignified event focusing on bringing a Fresh New start by removing the negative shadows of the Past.In most cases this Polite procedure is enough to balance out the Energy within your space, but should we find that things are beyond my capabilities then I will endeavour to help you seek the appropriate sources to help you.

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