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So you had a Spiritual Awakening and now you are full of questions, seeking advise and thirsty for knowledge? Well you are in the right place and if you are here looking at this page then please know your Spirit Guides have sent you here!!


There is a wealth of information across this website and to make it easier to access I have gathered it all together in one easy to access place. I will be updating and adding information to this page often so please check back and if you have a specific query or question then feel free to email me and I will cover it here! You never know your questions may very well help someone else who along the journey!

What is a Spiritual Awakening?
Third Eye

I want to talk about Spiritual Awakening and how by the very practice of receiving Holistic Treatments, you will almost certainly kick start your own Spiritual Awakening (if you haven't had one already). This blog is my view as a Reiki Master doing treatments and seeing the reactions (my opinion/take only/their are many more out there) on this topic, but I hope this might be helpful to those on the Journey or Awakening. For me, A Spiritual Awakening is the moment you wake up from your daily drudge of work, your job, your life situation and ask yourself "IS THIS IT?" "Why am I HERE?" "There MUST be more....?" Read More HERE


So you had your Spiritual Awakening? Now come the "Stages of Awakening"

Once you have had your "Spiritual Awakening" ( I don't really like that term, but for now it seems we have no other terms to explain this phenomena that so many people are experiencing right now in our Millions on Mother Earth) YOU are going to come across several well documented stages along your journey. Many different people will experience different things uniquely, so the amount of stages seems to vary from person to person. If you look up "Stages of Awakening" on Youtube for example, each video made has a different take on how many stages there are and it varies from around 4 - 11 or more even! Read More HERE

How to Meditate – 7 Top Tips to make your Journey into Meditation more focused!
Abstract Man

Everyone can meditate right? Surely you just close your eyes, focus and Zen like enlightenment will just start to flow right? Well yes, for some people that is certainly true, but for others it can take time, practice and patience to get into the zone of meditation. With these 7 little tips I hope I can help make your journey into meditation smoother, cleaner and spiritually deeper! Read More HERE

Live Life from the Heart (Love) or Mind (Ego) ?

How many times have you been caught in the “Heart says one thing, Head says another” situation in your life? I’m betting it’s been many, many times! I’m also willing to bet most times the Mind won over the heart? I am learning and listening more and more from my Heart as my journey expands and I am here to encourage you do to do the same! The path is so much smoother and exciting on a Heart based journey and if we listen to and follow our hearts (and yes that means mostly not listening to the Mind) our true soul purposes are met. Read More HERE

Dark Deity
13 top tips to stop Night Terrors and Psychic Attack!

We all suffer from Poor Sleep at times and know how debilitating it can be. Those with PTSD or Stress, or even people with every day worries and Illnesses find that at night all our negative thoughts, internal and external can manifest and bring misery each night. Being an Empath can mean some sleepless, uncomfortable nights that is for sure. Being attuned to Reiki also opens up many doors that at night, or at times of rest, can literally be too much to deal with sometimes. Read More HERE

What are Chakras and how do they work?
Golden Chakra

The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body in which energy flows through. The word 'chakra' is derived from the sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. Literally translated from the Hindi it means 'Wheel of spinning Energy'. A chakra is like a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of energy within you. We can access our Chakras through Meditation, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Reiki and other spiritual practices. If our Chakras are "out of balance" we do not function as well physically or spiritually as if they are in balance! A healthy Chakra system is one of the keys to a healthy life. Read More HERE

PTSD and Reiki

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious issue for the many people who experience it. There are so many traumatic experiences that can trigger PTSD, from a one off horrific experience, to several sustained horrific experiences over a period of time! I myself have experienced a prolonged time of sexual, physical and mental abuse during my childhood up to the age of 9 years old, and know a little about PTSD. I understand about avoidance issues, alcohol issues, and emotional numbing to try to cope with my experiences. I feel lucky that although I have been in dark times in the Past, I haven't had the darkest of experiences like some sufferers of PTSD, and have kind of come to Peace. Read More HERE

Animal Reiki - Such a Pure Connection!
Grey Block
Animal Clinic Logo

When Reiki is given to another person, it can be subjected to all kinds of questions and be seen as a Placebo effect or Rationed in some way, by those who haven't experienced it and even by some who have. But, when Reiki is given to an Animal is so much easier for us to see what actually happens during Reiki! Animals can not fake Deep Relaxation and Healing Responses, they do not understand Placebo Effects - they simply live in the moment and show us that the Reiki is flowing and that they feel at Peace. Watch these Videos to see Reiki at work in Animals to understand that there is no Placebo Effect and that there is a Real and Tangible transference of Energy through the Healer into the recipient be that animal or human! Read More HERE

Tree Meditation for Releasing Negativity

Here is s simple meditation that can be done very quickly and as often as you need to, to release negative emotions. Especially nice to do outside and if you can, sit with your back against your favourite tree with your spine pressed comfortably touching the trunk and your feet amongst the top of the tree roots as they plunge into Mother Earth. Read More HERE

Empath or Doormat?

Being an Empath isn't easy at times! Being able to sense and know others emotions/thoughts or feelings means that as we feel those emotions ourselves we almost want to deal with them as our own! We can not deal with other peoples emotions as our own, and we know that, but sometimes it doesn't stop us trying even though we know better!

We can then get frustrated when try as we will to "fix" or "help" that person that won't do the work required for themselves to feel better, instead preferring to turn to us - the Empath, the nice one who will never say No to them, the one who fills them with kind or encouraging words every time they need them, the one who feeds them light and positive vibes or ideas when they are in the dark! Read More HERE

"Open" Sign
Waking Up and Energising yourself for the Day Ahead with Sound, Movement and Meditation
Golden Crystals
Little Red Riding Hood

The start of the day is the Most Important part of the day (aside of Bedtime) to really focus on either draining negative energy away from you, or to harvest positive energy into your being. This blog is about Waking and Energising yourself for the day ahead energetically, with Sound, Movement and Meditation. For one day I challenge you to not look at your phone, emails, business or internet links upon the first few minutes of waking! Just for one day, leave it alone and think about charging up your own energy for the day ahead first before you look at what is going on in the World online. Read More HERE

10 top Crystals for Grounding

There are so many ways to Ground, but one of my absolute daily Weapon of Choice has been Crystals for at least the last 4-5 years! I have found Crystals Invaluable in my Own Spiritual Progression, and to the Many People I have given Crystals to also! Crystals are Gifts from Mother Nature and I give so much Thanks for them for being present in my Life and I have to share my favourite Grounding Crystals and the amazing properties they behold. Read More HERE

Speaking up about Childhood Trauma "It's Our Little Secret"

As part of my on going healing and my journey to help others in their healing, I want to talk about Childhood Trauma and about the traumas I personally went through, in the hope it may help others. This is written in a very matter of fact way as I've had many years to deal with the emotional side and have indeed healed a vast amount of the deep issues formulated in those early years of my childhood.  Read More HERE

The Positives of Childhood Trauma? Yes they DO exist!
Soft Teddy

This Blog is leading on from my previous blog Speaking up about Childhood Trauma "It's Our Little Secret" which highlights a few uncomfortable truths about why we should break the silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma. It is quite a Dark and Frank article, so in this follow up I wanted to now highlight the Positives of Childhood Trauma. This is because despite the pain of the past there have been many times I have been extremely grateful to those experiences for making me who I actually am today, and also to be fully healed we have to Integrate ALL aspects of ourselves and our pasts to make the Future the most amazing we can manifest for our Souls! Read More HERE

Why Intense Doubt and Fear just before Achieving your Goal/Plan is actually A GREAT Sign 
Confound Face

Have you ever made a plan or goal and been so sure with every fiber of your being that it is what you want to do, that it will make you happy and at peace, that it is what is best for you, that it will progress you along your journey....and then WHAM right before you are about to act on your carefully laid out plans that ARE for your best you experience INTENSE DOUBT AND FEAR that Stops you in your Tracks and even potentially makes you make the Fatal choice of not going through with your Plans?  Read More HERE


Heart & Hands
Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - Am I an Empath?

In my role as a Holistic Practitioner I sometimes have the Great pleasure of treating people who are awakening, but do not know it yet! This is the second time in a week I have had conversations with clients, where the person didn't realise they were an Intuitive Empath and were suffering from the consequences so I am compelled to write a series of Blogs about all the various aspects of being an Intuitive Empath so that you may identify some of the signs and maybe even benefit from some advise.  Read More HERE


Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - 10 top tips for Protecting your Energy as an Intuitive Empath

This Blog is a follow on from the post Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 (Am I an Empath?) and if you identified as having Intuitive Empathic traits then please read on as I share with you advice on how to Protect your Energy as an Intuitive Empath! It may well be overwhelming at first when your Empathic abilities are blown open wide either by your Spiritual Awakening, Via a Traumatic Event or maybe you were even Born with the Ability, but once you realise you can master this skill, it REALLY BECOMES A GIFT! A Gift to help as a Healing Tool from you to others, and also as Guidance to you to avoid Negative Places and People in your life. Read More HERE

Block Devil
Two Raspberries
Intuitive Empath Survival Guide 333 - The Vampiric World of the Narcissist and the Empath!

This third blog focuses on the Role of the Empath and the Narcissist and how to identify if you are caught up with a Narcissist and the actions you can take to STOP this cycle of them DRAINING your Energy! The subject of Empaths and Narcs is such a vast one, and I will delve deeper into this subject later, but this blog is simply how to identify if you are dealing with a Covert Narcissist in particular. Read More HERE

How we can reduce Inflammation in the body to boost the Immune System and avoid Disease!

Inflammation is the number 1 cause of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, joint pain, and cancer. Inflammation severely compromises the immune system and there are ways we can decrease Inflammation in the body so we have a healthy, strong immune system. Read More HERE

In a Dark Mood? Get yourself some Dark Chocolate! 9 reasons why!
Chocolate Heart

With all the Heavy Dark Energy that we have been presented with in 2020 you may have been feeling depressed, have higher anxiety or have lower energy levels than normal. As we know even getting an appointment with your GP right now is almost impossible, so getting diagnosed or being written a prescription is just as hard!! If you were to be lucky enough to get an appointment and were prescribed Anti Depressant medications we know they can have severe side effects which can even include making your depression worse, especially when taken in conjunction with other medications. Read More HERE

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