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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

I want to talk about Spiritual Awakening and how by the very practice of receiving Holistic Treatments, you will almost certainly kick start your own Spiritual Awakening (if you haven't had one already).

This blog is my view as a Reiki Master doing treatments and seeing the reactions (my opinion/take only/their are many more out there) on this topic, but I hope this might be helpful to those on the Journey or Awakening :)

For me, A Spiritual Awakening is the moment you wake up from your daily drudge of work, your job, your life situation and ask yourself "IS THIS IT?" "Why am I HERE?" "There MUST be more....?"

Suddenly You hit a Huge System Error, Confusion - A Calling to Look Beyond the Matrix ...

Today You now question your life! Where as the day before you would happily and routinely get up, make a cup of tea or coffee, have a bath/shower, dutifully go to your mundane job, come home, eat, watch tv, maybe have a drink or 2 to try to switch off, go to bed, get up the next day and REPEAT, and so on and so forth without hesitation or question...Day in Day Out for such a Long time!

Suddenly, now you are Questioning your very existence, you can see colour like never before, you may well have certain psychic abilities that have been encouraged open wide up so you experience like you never felt before, you may experience Synchronicity and things click into place like never before, Your Energy may well be ramped up to do what you Dreamed of, You may feel guided to actually have the Faith to do that thing you always wanted to do like Start your Own Business and use your Creative talents and skills, You may just suddenly feel out of Place and have a Knowing inside you were Called here to do more than what you are currently doing 24/7.... Anything is Possible! You are stepping into your Souls Alignment.

There are so many more feelings and things I could mention, but you are Aware Life is Different now and you are called to Heal your inner core, to better yourself, to Make a Difference, to Step Up, to see Unity with All people and Mother Earth, to Shake Up everything you know right Now and to remove the Illusion of Fear so you can experience more than you ever could imagine...

A Spiritual Awakening is non religious or not religion specific in my eyes. Some people have the idea that the term "Spiritual Awakening" is linked with religion and believe that if they have Holistic treatments it will interfere with their Chosen Faith, or even that the treatments are connected to a Religion. Alot of Energy Healers and Reiki Masters study all the religions as there is precious ancient knowledge to be gained in all forms of religion, but the key point is we embrace ALL and observe/learn from all of them respectfully, rather than follow a specific religion. Holistic treatments are not tied to one Faith and have been created that way from the very start many years back with the purpose to embrace and respect ALL faiths.

When you have your Spiritual Awakening Life is No Longer the Same and Change is Going to Happen, and alot faster than you would usually expect! It is a Gift and a Chance to move forwards with your life in the fast lane, connected to spirit, earth and forces that mean well for you. Let go, Be Fluid and Be Blessed :)

Exciting times are Ahead for you !! Wishing you all much Courage and Light on your Journey of Self Discovery and Dedication to bettering yourself and those around you :) Be Brave, Embrace your Spiritual Journey, Follow your Soul calling....

Namaha, Lisa x

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