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NEW - Autumn '23 Wish to Create or Expand your Spiritual Business?? Business Opportunity for YOU!!

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO START OR EXPAND A SPIRITUAL BUSINESS! I have a UNIQUE opportunity to offer those of you that have been thinking of starting a spiritual business!! Have you always wanted to be able to guide and help others along their pathway? Do you wish to assist others on their spiritual journeys, but are unsure of where to start? Well maybe this opportunity is for you!

I have always wanted my 121 Intuitive Guidance Courses to reach as many people as possible, and spirit has led me to offer 4 of you the chance to purchase the following courses so that you can OWN them to do as you please with! That means once you purchase the courses as a bundle, you will be free to sell them on your websites, to work with schools and online, or distribute for free among your friends or clients if you wish :) The files are in Word file format so you may edit them as you please! Add your own insights or take out things that you wish to!! Use the courses as the foundation for your new budding spiritual business, or use them to flesh out an existing one! The choice is yours! You will even be able to add your own website name to each course and remove mine!

For me, it is about sharing my work and also giving 4 people the chance to either start a business or boost their existing one :) You are free to charge what you like for the courses once you purchase them from me. I am going to pick wisely who to offer these to. I am hoping that some of you who are long term supporters, or have already spoken to me via email, or have been already worked with my on the courses/the mentorship programme or who have readings from me will be the ones who take this opportunity!

I will be picking those with genuine intentions, that I know have been putting in the work over the years! I am hoping this may give you guys the boost you need to get going on your spiritual businesses my lovelies!! This would be ideal to get yours going, and also with such a small outlay, you will quickly be able to earn your money back, and begin to make financial headway!! :D

So with all that said this is the courses bundle I have to offer - you will get all 10 courses below :

Module name "Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships" - Let's talk about Narcissists- A deep look at the Narcissists behaviors and what to look out for in future connections- The effects of childhood trauma on the brain and what this has to do with Narcissistic relationships- Dealing with a Narcissist - Don't fall for the fantasy!- The key to moving forwards and setting healthy Boundaries- Looking for support and purpose elsewhere- How to leave a Narcissist- After you have left the Narcissist- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "Healing Childhood Trauma" - Let’s talk about Childhood Trauma - Types of Childhood Trauma- The effects of Childhood trauma on the developing Brain- CPTSD – Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- How Childhood trauma affects our Health- How Childhood Trauma affects our Adult Lives - Healing Childhood Trauma - Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "Forgiving Yourself" - Incidental Accidents that hurt others- Accidentally making a bad choice that hurts others- Deliberately making a bad choice that hurts others- How Religion/Abusers/Parents/Society shame people into feeling guilty and needing forgiveness- Our Higher Selves VS our Lowers Selves – when do we need to forgive ourselves? - Avoiding those who enable our bad behaviors- Why is it so hard to show ourselves forgiveness? - Ways in which we can forgive ourselves- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "The Chakra System" - What is the Chakra System? - Where are my chakras? - An indepth guide to each of the Chakras and a look at if yours is underactive/overactive the signs and symptoms and what to do to balance them- Understanding the Chakra System and how it works- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "Empath course Part 1- "How to determine what is my own energy vs outside energy" - How to determine what is my own energy and what is outside energy? - Finding your Baseline Energy & Empathic Overload- Examples of External Forces that can affect Empaths- Examples of External Sources that can affect Empaths- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "The Empath Course Part 2 "How to have Strong Energetic Boundaries" - How to have Strong Energetic Boundaries- Why you should say “No” or Walk Away and not feel guilty as an Empath - Why is it so hard for an Empath to say “No” or to Walk Away without Shame or Guilt? - Why saying “No” or Walking Away without Shame or Guilt is actually more Beneficial to yourself & others- Who deserves my Energy? - I got caught by an “Energy Vampire”!! What do I do now?- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "The Empath Course Part 3 "How to protect your energy" - Having energetic Boundaries- Having strong physical Boundaries- Having strong Spiritual Boundaries- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "The Empath Course Part 4 " How to remove negative energy" - Is this my own negative energy?- Call the energy out- Attachments, Implants, hooks, cords, holes in your aura/chakra system- Using high vibration crystals- Bringing in white light- Eating healthy foods- Salt baths and essential oils- Spread positivity to remove negativity - mother nature is your positive friend- mantras and music- talking to others- making your home a negative free zone- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "Manifesting Love" - Why we have to focus on Ourselves to manifest Love- How our Childhood forms our Future Loves- How our previous relationships are a great indicator of what we need to heal within ourselves- How can we Align with the Vibration of love? - Society Conditions us to believe we need someone else to be complete- Coursework for you to complete and return

Module name "Developing your Psychic gifts" - Telepathy- Clairvoyance- Precognition- Premonition- Mediumship- Clairaudience- Clairsentience- Empathic abilities- Telekenisis- Apportation- Clairgustance- Clairalience- Being ethical with your senses- Meditation, Trance, opening your senses and exercises to develop your senses- Coursework for you to complete and return

BUNDLE PRICE : £444.44 for all 10 courses START OR EXPAND YOUR SPIRITUAL BUSINESS NOW!! Please email me to find out more :


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