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CALLING ALL LIGHT WARRIORS!! THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU!! We need to STOP FEEDING "THEM" (any low vibrational frequencies/systems/people/agendas), and try our absolute HARDEST to stay HIGH VIBRATIONAL, happy, full of love, full of hope, grounded, open and caring! Spirit is telling me that THIS IS THE ONLY chance we have of beating "them"! The Light can not win via force, from anger, with control, nor with despair, but ONLY WITH LOVE can we defeat this enemy. Keep on being truth speakers and truth seekers!

Keep on with an open heart and mind. Stay TRUE TO YOU and SHINE BRIGHT beautiful LIGHT WARRIORS! STAND YOUR GROUND WITH PEACE, AUTHENTICITY & LOVE. NEVER GIVE IN to the "them"! YOU HAVE GOT THIS, I HAVE GOT THIS AND WE HAVE GOT THIS!! Keep pushing forwards with your inner healing, transmuting darker/lower energies inside of you and externally (if you have the energy and ability), keep learning and doing independent research to form your own opinions, keep stating YOUR truth, stay a leader to YOUR BELIEFS and MOST IMPORTANTLY.....STAY FREE!!!

Thankyou for your work on an individual level and also on a collective level! It is FAR FROM EASY and takes effort day in, day out after you are awakened to carry out your soul MISSION. YOU WERE CALLED INTO THE LIGHT FOR A REASON AND NEVER DOUBT WHY THE DIVINE CHOSE TO AWAKEN YOU WHEN THEY DID!

Have compassion for those still deep asleep contained within the Matrix, for they WILL be also be awakened BUT ONLY when the DIVINE chooses this to happen - not when we TRY to awaken them. LET THE DIVINE make this choice and rest easy that it WILL HAPPEN all in DIVINE TIMING!! NOW go forth and SHINE my lovelies!! Shine like you have never SHONE BEFORE!! It is what you came here to do afterall.......Stay BLESSED, Lisa


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