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Fantasy Range Now available!! Made with Love from Sunrise2Sunset

Add some Magic into your life with the Fantasy Range!!! All handmade by myself and Unique pieces made with Clay and Crystals, blessed with Reiki Energy!! Perfect gifts to yourself or for your Loved Ones, these magical items are sure to bring a smile and welcomed positive energy!

Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands for White Withcraft, Wicca, Reiki or Cosplay! All my art pieces are Unique and Hand made with love... and my wands are no exception! Not only are they Beautiful they are Strong pieces so please do not be afraid that they will be flimsy! The Clay is extremely durable and is wrapped around a fallen wooden stick which I hand choose from local woods. I have embedded Healing Crystals into the hand and head of the wands so the magic runs from your palms to the Ether!

"My Guardian Angel" Crystal Protective Necklaces

Hand Crafted with Love my Beautiful "My Guardian Angel" necklaces are truely unique! Made with a Lightweight but tough clay, each piece is wearable at all times and is made with the intention of protection in mind! I am a Reiki Master and have empowered each crystal necklace with Reiki Healing. Each necklace is also laid on a Metatrons cube grid system (which I also hand paint and sell - click HERE if you wish to purchase). The Metatrons cube is Sacred Geometry and I have been guided to use these grids to power up each necklace! Metatrons cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolising the underlying geometric patterns found throughout the universe and it is named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the Divine.

Hair and Dreadlock Beads

Unique Handcrafted Clay Dreadlock Beads! These Beautiful and Unique beads will add a touch of woodland magic to your locks! Crafted with love from Clay and then protected with a waterproof spray, these are light weight and have various size holes to fit the fattest and finest of locks! Great for real or synthetic hair. They also look great on Plaits if you do not have Dreads or wear Synthetic Hair! These beads can also be used for any use,for example popping one through the cord of your skirt or trousers, if not intended for hair!

Fantasy Journals

These mystical Journals are ideal for all your writing needs! The clay I use is lightweight and very durable so the book is still light,strong and usable but with a beautiful decorative front! This wasn't designed to sit on a shelf or on display, but to be used! That said they do add a certain mystical flair to any bookcase or desktop! This A5 Journal is lined and could be used for a Spell Book, for Intention setting, for Daily Gratitude givings or simply as a Diary or Journal!

Custom pieces made upon request so please do not hesitate to get in contact! Have a Magical, Fantasticle Day!!

Namaha, Lisa x

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