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May '24 The Animals have a Message for us! PLEASE LISTEN!

I have been so Blessed recently to be having consistent interaction and hand contact with Wild animals! The animals are trying to tell us something! As Humanity is undergoing a HUGE EXPANSION in  consciousness right now, then it would be ignorant to assume that it is only us!! You may like to try hand feeding some Wild animals right now or asking them to come closer to you, see how they respond! Something is changing and it is vital that we take note and listen!

They are so intelligent - more so than us Humans! Note how the Striped Squirrels are so Bold and Free Spirited, this is a message to us to be more Light hearted and see the Positives in Life! Note how the Crow saves the nuts to share with his less dominant partner. This is a message in itself, with the challenging times we are facing and about how we can share resources! Note how the cat comes in for just some Love and Healing. This is also a message to Humanity to give out our hearts and connect deeply and unconditionally with each other. The messages are being Gifted to US!! ARE YOU LISTENING?

I should add - while I was filming the crow feeding a local couple approached me and stated they have lived there 27 years and never seen anyone hand feeding the crows!! I was assuming they were super friendly here and downplayed the significance of this encounter! He said he has been trying to hand feed crows all his life, and was so amazed to see someone do it as they were so intelligent and wary! I am so glad they came over to talk to me and tell me this - it made this encounter all the more special and I feel so BLESSED!! Try it my lovelies.....the animals consciousness is rising - just like ours!! THIS IS NEW EARTH ENERGY!!

Stay Blessed <3


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