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NEW - Autumn '23 - Spiritual Website Design service added!!

Do you have a Spiritual Business idea and wish to make it a reality? Would you love a website so you have a Hub and home for all your spiritual services? Maybe you already have a small social media page and would like to extend your reach? Maybe you are a Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Healer, a Tarot Reader, a Crystal Practitioner, a Sound Therapist or Massage Therapist? Maybe you would like to be able to sell your spiritual products and services, and you need a business platform to do it from? If you are...then Look no further....

I am offering my services as a web designer to you!! I have been creating websites since the days of painstakingly having to use HTML code to create them with, and I can create websites quickly and efficiently for you. Maybe you already have web knowledge and just do not have the time to create a website for yourself. Maybe you love and understand the spiritual side, but lack the technological understanding to create your own website. Maybe you have zero understanding of how websites work or are created, and are looking for someone who can help get you started, but then also maintain the website for you!

I have many different options for you get a website up and running, without complication, explained easily to you and simple for other people to navigate and load onto their devices! I do not offer complex websites....they will be functional, clean and easy for your users to get information quickly. You can always expand the website at your own leisure once the basics are set up for you, but they will look elegant and engaging, without being over fussy or using features that drain the users devices!

I can advise you from start to finish and we will work closely together with you providing all the content of the website, and me doing the design. You will need to complete content sections such as your "About me" section, or the information for the products you are selling and so on. You can choose for me to create the website for you and leave it for you to maintain, or you can choose for me to maintain your website - there is an option for every tech level.

You will be in charge of the website, and what you want will be up to you from colour themes, logos, fonts and so on. The aim is to get you a professional and functional website for your clients, in a short amount of time (time to make the website will depend on what package you require). I will require you to be able to return emails quickly and efficiently with the details/content I ask you so I can work to my own efficient speed and manner, so please understand this if you decide to go with this service. When I start a project I put my heart and soul into it, and I work fast, and I expect you to be just as enthusiastic, if not more than I am as this is your Business, and reply with the content needed in good time please! Thankyou!

For more information on all the packages I offer please see here:

Email me for more details :

Thankyou and Stay Blessed <3


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