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Crystal Healing

Using Crystals for Healing is an Ancient Way that I not only respect but utilise daily. These beautiful gifts from nature can not only aid healing but also can evoke many new sensations, hold memories past and future and can connect us to Realms we never imagined existed before! The world of science has been using crystals in many ways for years as components and our understanding is only just touching the surface as we explore Piezoelectricity and now using Crystals for storing electronic data. It is undeniable that Crystals are able to hold information and also resonate at different frequencies. It was Crystals and meditating with Crystals on my body that kick started my whole spiritual journey and I truly believe they hold so much power that I give Crystals away to most people I meet and they report the same things back to me - a spiritual awakening!

 In a Crystal Healing Session with me you will lay down fully clothed on a Massage Table and Crystals (that we will choose together before the session starts) will be placed over your 7 Chakra Points.

Just some of the Crystals I use for healing that you can choose from ....

crystal healing sunrise2sunset holistic therapy

All of my Crystals are cleansed and charged with Reiki before each session and we will choose the Crystals according to the health or emotional issues you wish to address and also the Crystals that you are simply drawn to! Crystals generally choose you and the ones you need will "jump out" at you when choosing! As you relax on the table with music playing, I will take you through short guided meditations at the start and end of the Healing, but also just allow you space in the middle, to just feel the Crystals working and to experience the sensations of Peace!

How will I feel during and after a Crystal Healing Treatment?

If you are wondering about what happens to you during a Crystal Healing the sensations you may experience could be deep relaxation, you may see colours that relate to your various Chakras as Light and Healing from the Universe is sent to those areas via the Crystals! You might feel an intense Heat or Cold coming from the Crystals as their energy flows into you. You may feel tingling or activated chakra areas, you may hear voices/sounds or even feel touching or stroking sensations on your face or body. You may encounter many sensations or experiences that are personal to you alone. You might feel like you are floating and not in your body as such or you may just enjoy the sensation of deep relaxation. You may have Visions via your Third Eye or experience Kundalini from the Base of your Spine! It's a personal experience and I can not tell you exactly what you will experience - you are unique and so will be your journey and Crystal Healing experience.


Immediately after you may feel very blissed out and at Peace. You might even be the opposite and feel very Energised and ready to get out there! You really should take the time to bathe in those feelings as long as you can! For 24 hours after please drink lots of water, drink no alcohol, take no drugs other than prescribed medications and eat good healthy foods. Take the opportunity to relax, have a long bath, listen to music you enjoy, take a walk on the beach barefoot, dance or "whatever floats your boat" so to say to make you smile and basically enjoy "you" time with those that you love and that surround you with positive energy! Please note that some people experience detoxing symptoms in the 24 hours that follow the treatment! Do not be alarmed, it is a great sign and means your body is now removing all the toxins and negative energy that were stored in the body.

Crystal Healing Treatment Details

*Treatments take around an hour or longer - it can not timed exactly but please allow between 1 and 2 hours of your time so you can fully enjoy the session with no need to rush. This time includes a consultation before and after your Crystal Healing treatment.

*Treatments take place in your own home, as I am fully portable Holistic Therapist.

*Please look after yourself for at least 24 hours before Crystal Healing by not drinking alcohol, eating good, natural unprocessed foods, not taking un prescribed drugs and get a good nights rest before if possible.

*You will be given an Aftercare advice sheet - please follow it for your maximum benefit.

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