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Live Life from the Heart (Love) or Mind (Ego) ?

How many times have you been caught in the “Heart says one thing, Head says another” situation in your life? I’m betting it’s been many, many times! I’m also willing to bet most times the Mind won over the heart? I am learning and listening more and more from my Heart as my journey expands and I am here to encourage you do to do the same! The path is so much smoother and exciting on a Heart based journey and if we listen to and follow our hearts (and yes that means mostly not listening to the Mind) our true soul purposes are met.

Stop allowing the Mind and ego to rule your day to day decisions and when faced with a question literally ask yourself “what does my heart say?” and then ask yourself “what does my head/mind say”. Here are a few examples of Heart vs Head situations and how the Mind always seems to want us to not look out for our higher good, yet the heart will always look after your higher interests!

Heart says “Hey why don’t you go to that Yoga/Fitness class you’ve been meaning to start and keep putting off? It will do you good and you will meet new like minded people or make some connections!”

Head says “ No I feel ugly today, have nothing suitable to wear and I am not really up for making new friends right now anyway as my confidence is low, but maybe in a few weeks time I should go........”

Heart says “ Hey Why don’t you try making that Vegan Chilli you saw the other day and make a small difference to your daily eating habits for your health and the sake of our exhausted planet?”

Heads says “ Nah, I’m running too late today, I’ll just grab a meaty take away! One person can’t make a difference anyway and I just can’t be bothered!

Heart says “ You have spare time and your Brain is starting to fade away, why don’t you start a new course or learn a new skill? You could start that business you always wanted or pass on some skills to others....!”

Head says “ I’m too stupid now, plus I’d feel silly going on a course with other younger, sharper people. I won’t be able to learn as easily as I used to and well starting a business for myself? I couldn’t surely....”

Heart says “ You had such a hectic day today, well done for coping with it and not passing on negativity. Why not go and have a nice bath and meditate, you’ll sleep so well, have deep and peaceful dreams and will feel so fresh tomorrow”

Head says “ Well done me indeed, now where is the huge chocolate bar and bottle of wine? I’m going to get a bit tipsy or sod it might even have one too many, stalk my FB friends and be up all night needing the loo, feel like crap in the morning but hey ho it's just another day lol”

Heart says “ That dude just pulled out on me and nearly caused an accident, aw well let it go and go on your way!”

Head says “ No way!!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! You Fu**ing *Bleeeeeeeeeep! I’m going to drive at speed dangerously disregarding others behind you making hand gestures until you realise what a **** you are! How dare you cut me up!”

Do I need to go on? Can you imagine how hard your Heart sighs every time you go with your Head/Mind/Ego?

Acting from the Heart :

Requires Courage, Requires Action, Requires Determination, Requires Self Belief, Requires Focus, Requires Strength, Requires Dedication, Requires Will Power, Requires No BS Excuses to yourself.... are you ready for that?

MAKE THE EFFORT! BE MORE HEART! Next time you are faced with a question or decision be Mindful of your Options and choose the one that has your higher interests at Heart! Namaha, Lisa x

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